Seniors in the job market: how and why to invest in the inclusion of these professionals?

Seniors in the job market: how and why to invest in the inclusion of these professionals?

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In recent years, it is increasingly common to observe people from seniors in the job market, or rather, returning to the job market.

The increase in life expectancy of UK citizens, adding to willingness to stay active are one of the main reasons why the elderly man decides to go back to work.

In addition, many are looking for a way to supplement their income, due to the low value of retirement.

In this scenario, many companies have seen a great opportunity with the inclusion of the elderly in the job market, mainly in the services and trade sector.

In this text we have separated for you some tips on how to invest in creating programs for the inclusion of seniors in the labor market and what are the main benefits. Follow us!

Advantages of hiring professionals in the elderly

In Brazil, the elderly represent 12% of the entire population, according to data from the UK residents Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The expectation is that by 2050 this number will grow to 22%. Given these data, organizations can obtain several advantages by betting on the reintegration of the elderly into the job market. Below we will explain some of them.

# 1 Professional experience plus life experience

Going against the grain of prejudice, many companies have demonstrated the appreciation of professionals in the elderly. Often they have worked for years in certain areas, which makes them extremely experienced.

Another point to consider is the life experience and a mature behavioral profile, which these elderly people have because they have experienced different situations in their professional journey.

These experiences can add a lot of value for teams, projects and even customer service.

# 2 Social Responsibility

A company committed to social responsibility will certainly be well regarded by society and its stakeholders, especially when these actions are not driven only by matters of compliance with laws and quotas.

Therefore, when creating a program for the inclusion of seniors in the labor market, organizations have much to gain, also contributing to a healthy and more diverse environment.

# 3 Schedule commitment and availability

People who have already reached the “best age”, usually have greater availability of hours. Small children, school meetings, maternity leave, marriage leave are phases that these professionals have already gone through.

In addition, a striking feature of people in old age is their commitment, dedication and the fact that they highly value their jobs. These are very strong characteristics in the baby boomer generation (born between 1945 and 1960).

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What are the rights of the Elderly?

According to the Elderly Statute (Law 10.741 / 2003), people over 60 are entitled to perform professional activities, as long as their conditions physical, intellectual and psychic are respected.

In addition, it is forbidden to set an age limit as a requirement for hiring employees and this action may constitute a crime. In the event of discrimination in the work environment, the elderly may file an action for moral damages.

The Statute also provides that the government must create mechanisms to stimulate the creation of programs for the inclusion of the elderly in the labor market, as well as create professionalization programs to ensure that these people are prepared to return to the labor market.

Are there already incentive programs for the elderly in the labor market?

Programs for the inclusion of the elderly in the labor market have been increasingly common in companies. According to IBGE data, most of the elderly active in the labor market work:

  • in the service sector (53%);
  • followed by commerce (22.3%);
  • and industry (11.9%).

Some companies have really stood out with the initiative to create programs for hiring people in the elderly.

An excellent example is the Grupo Pão de Açúcar which employs more than 3,400 employees over 55 years of age throughout Brazil. Most of these vacancies are intended for packers, as there is no minimum experience requirement, but there are opportunities for different sectors.

Another company that offers opportunities for professionals in the “best age” is the TOTVS, with its “Senior Generation” program. The objective of the program is to improve customer service. TOTVS has identified that these mature professionals have more “waistline” to perform these activities.

The Ebracon Consortia created the Ebracon +50 program. The objective is to include the elderly in the job market, in all departments of the company. A large percentage of these professionals occupy leadership positions in the company and the rest are analysts.

What all of these companies noticed with the creation of these programs is that age diversity within the corporate environment is extremely healthy and essential for exchanging and complementing experiences.

Myths that still guide the hiring of people in old age

Despite this change in the scenario and all the successful initiatives to include the elderly in the labor market mentioned, there is still a certain resistance from many companies to hire the elderly, mainly due to some myths, such as:

  • low creativity;
  • lack of adaptation to new technologies;
  • problems doing heavy work.

It is important to remember that these are just myths and generalized characteristics, so they have no value to follow as a parameter.

Thus, these professionals must go through a curriculum screening process, as well as the other employees so that HR can select the candidates most adherent to the function that will be performed, regardless of their age.

How to reintegrate these professionals into the work environment

When the company decides to create a program for hiring people in the elderly, it is very important to think about the adaptation of these professionals in the work environment. Often they have been out of the market for some time and this new experience may require some training and capacity building.

With the constant changes in the corporate world, due to new technologies, it is important to ensure that these barriers are broken, so training becomes essential, depending on the role it will play.

In addition, it is very important that this professional undergoes an onboarding process. Well, like this like any other employee, he needs to feel welcomed by the company and his new co-workers.

Another barrier that needs to be broken is in relation to the prejudice that it often has in relation to the elderly in the job market. It is necessary to act in an educative way with the employees topromoting a healthy and respectful environment. Thus, it is the responsibility of the HR area to promote solutions for human business issues.

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