Sense of belonging: what it is, importance and tips to strengthen it!

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Sense of belonging: what it is, importance and tips to strengthen it!

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The sense of belonging is the continuous result of the valuation that the company gives to the employee, and vice versa. With this, the engagement and motivation will be constantly greater, since the professional feels an elementary part of the development of the company, and his success is accompanied by the good results obtained in the organization.

Your employees don't need to – and they shouldn't feel out of place in the corporate day-to-day. The more integrated with the company's culture, identified with the processes and within the organization's direction, the more they will assume a role. sense of belonging in their respective careers.

And with that, we should ask you: do you know what the sense of belonging, what are its benefits and, mainly, what to do to strengthen it continuously?

For all of the above questions, our article today has all the answers. Follow with this reading, and understand the value that the sense of belonging you can add to your brand and the satisfaction (personal and professional) of your staff!

The concept of the sense of belonging

Do you know the type of professional who “Wear the shirt” and get emotional with the company, regardless of the results obtained? That is, without a doubt, an evident example of a sense of belonging in the company!

After all, this continuous feeling arises when the employee feels a fundamental part of the organization. This is only achieved when there are real efforts to recognize and value its professionals.

In other words: the sense of belonging it is a natural response to the appreciation that the company gives its professional, and vice versa. A continuous cycle, therefore, that can be constantly evolved.

The benefits of encouraging a sense of belonging in the company

If there is an effort to bring employees closer to the achievements of a company, it only tends to improve the organizational climate, as a whole.

Just think, for example, of the unproductive relationships between managers and employees, when the former reaps for himself all the fruits of a collective achievement. Now, when the mere effort is already recognized in each one, the countenance is different – as well as the effort to reach new goals and targets in the future.

In this way, when working sense of belonging in your company, several benefits can be part of your daily life, such as:

Conflict reduction

Making everyone understand their purposes in the company contributes to a more harmonious distribution of responsibilities.

Not to mention that, thus, everyone knows how to play a fundamental role in their stage of the process, obtaining better results, continuously, until they are able to aim for a new position internally.

More fluid and objective communication

That individual and collective valorization it also translates into less noise in corporate communication. Everyone knows where the company is going, for example, what its conflicts and goals are, and what it expects from its employees for the continuous brand development.

In turn, it is clear to them, too, what are the rewards obtained with this effort to enrich the added value promoted by the company.

More engagement

As a good relationship, the sense of belonging offers advantages for all parties involved. Here, the ideal is to understand what your employees are looking for, and what their goals and needs are.

Consequently, everything the company does, to help achieve these goals, is reversed in commitment and dedication. And this is the great asset of sense of belonging: promoting people based on the fulfillment of their personal and professional desires, ensuring that both will be realized when they are engaged in their activities in the company.

It is also worth noting that motivation and productivity will also be improved in this process. And this adds more results (and profits) for the organization, which does not even need to invest in more equipment and labor for this. More, therefore, with the same number of elements in the equation.

The 5 tips to establish and improve the sense of belonging

Below, we have collected some specific tips for you to develop and maintain the sense of belonging vivid in the profile of its employees. Check out!

1. Improve the company's internal communication

It is through an efficient communication implementation that companies transmit and receive messages without obstacles.

This helps to better understand the demands of employees (objectives, interests, frustrations and challenges, for example) and translate them into efficient actions so that they work harder to solve them.

2. Define the company's institutional pillars

Without the establishment of this issue, the company cannot demand the same profile as its professionalsif, consequently, it is difficult to associate the company's culture with people's goals and needs.

By having an established vision, therefore, both sides understand what is expected of them, allowing for a gradual and enriching alignment so that the results appear for everyone. And with that, the sense of belonging is strengthened in your professional, which will be more and more engaged results.

3. Create a career path

In addition to the recognition that many professionals expect from their managers, the sense of belonging it can be better developed when the individual has, very well defined, his entire journey within the company.

And this can happen with the consolidation of a career plan, which is the entire mapping of this journey. In the short, medium and long term, the employee understands the result and consequences of his actions, allowing an accurate assessment of how, when and where they can evolve together with the organization.

4. Create moments of relaxation

Along with the career plan, the sense of belonging can be valued from the creating moments of relaxation. Not everything is defined at work, after all.

Create happy hours, integrate teams, promote healthy competitions and establish a less stressful and more rewarding routine. With that, everyone will know their responsibility, and the care that the organization takes in not overloading its human resources in this process.

5. Use endomarketing

Based on everything that has been said so far, endomarketing can be the differential for generating a perpetual sense of belonging in your company. This is because, the technique can be applied in multiple ways, such as:

Want to take it a step further, in establishing a sense of belonging your employees? So, take the opportunity to share this post on your social networks, and mark the HR colleagues who will be excited about the elaboration of this project in the company where they work!



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