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It is certain that we are in a transition of ages and the job market is in daily transformation. But, what job description has to do with this transformation?

For some people, these changes can cause discomfort, for others, euphoria. DeBernt falls into the second group and realizes that all of us can and will benefit from more transparent working relationships and real exchanges.

And for opportunities and professionals to meet, we need to talk about job descriptions or job descriptions, where it all starts.

When someone is looking for a new job, it is common to find job descriptions in the different channels for disseminating opportunities, mostly with standard, emotionless, repetitive and tiring phrases.

It is customary to see job descriptions with details of technical skills and nothing more. On the other hand, the time has come to focus more on how to build a true and consistent description.

In addition, the interesting thing is that instead of contractors, complaints are often heard that candidates look like robots, with standardized answers and full of theory.

The fact is that someone needs to raise the white flag and change this pattern.

With more real descriptions of their needs, companies are able to reach the right people, like magnets for these talents.

And how to do this in a practical way? Here are some tips to innovate:

4 valuable tips to humanize job descriptions

  1. If possible, involve peers and other team members in the profile description. The ideal is to involve other colleagues, in addition to human resources and the direct leader. Reflect together on the main challenges of the position and list what attitudes the professional to be hired needs to present to help solve the company's challenges.
  2. Also with the team members who are in the position in question or in similar positions, detail how their day-to-day work is. The ideal is to understand in practice what the activities are like and how they organize themselves to achieve the objectives. Write these activities literally. At first they may seem obvious and even very simple, but here's the catch: the obvious needs to be said and shared. It is in the details that we capture the DNA of the opportunity in question, as well as the company.
  3. To attract the best talent, we have to look inside and understand what it is talent for each organization. Mapping the attitudes of professionals who already perform in different spheres is essential. Having this map of attitudes and disseminating it to the market in job descriptions will greatly facilitate the selection process.
  4. Some companies have already realized that disclosing an opportunity to the market is a Marketing action. To this end, the communication team is involved in the job description. This ensures consistency in the image that the company wants to convey to the market.

Upon finding more humanized descriptions, the hiring team and the participating candidates will enter the process more fully, with curiosity on both sides to capture whether that opportunity makes sense to that person.

In addition, real stories will come to the fore, with the failures and successes that are part of the game and that they always have. And it is a great privilege to live this moment!

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Renata Perrone

Regional Manager & Partner Rio de Janeiro



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