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Table of Contents

I want to share with you what a candidate, from one of my selection processes, with almost fifty years of life and more than 20 years working in the commercial world, told me in less than 30 minutes of conversation. He quoted a phrase by an unknown author that I thought was wonderful. I think it's about execution strategy!

He said: Look! “If I only had an hour to cut a tree, I would use the first forty-five minutes to sharpen my ax.”

I think that working with Human Resources is also about that. It is, for example, that we understand that behind 5 major automakers, there is a universe of suppliers, the suppliers, of the suppliers. An entire ecosystem of companies / people that we can relate to and create our desired networking.

I see that working in Human Resources requires us to be more and more assertive in our conduct. We continuously improve our processes. Reflect on our practices and the way we conduct our demands.

I believe that what I am talking about is not new. However, I think the obvious needs to be said. It is up to us to stop putting out fires and be more proactive and predictive. Strategic business partners, backed by information and data. Relevant in organizational decisions, in the short, medium and long term.

In today's world, as Simon Sinek said, “100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don't understand people, you don't understand business. ” In other words, we have to get closer to business, but mainly to be close to people. They are the ones that support us in decisions, indicate paths, close proposals and partnerships. Human relations are strategic for promoting and maintaining business, in an era in which knowledge is a competitive differential.

Recently, I was able to conduct a selection process for an HR Executive. I realize, more and more, that Strategic HR is the one that invests time and energy in planning, tools and processes. Establishes close relationships, creates trust and partnerships with the surroundings and promotes relevant content.

In strategic HR, I see how the Business Partner model that works closely with managers and businesses brings results. Count on specialist areas that support the business, insert indicators and updated management tools. Besides, of course, a direct communication channel with the Board of Directors, they make all the difference.

There are several action plans that can be adopted in a professional and strategic structure, but all of them only work when aligned with good execution planning and a certain investment. The 5W2H methodology is already showing us a good path. When conducting a project, we need to be clear and efficient, to think about the execution: “What? For what? Where? When? How? Who will it be done for? And how much will it cost? ” Do we make a good plan before starting a project, or do we jump right into the action?

I see that in order to become more relevant, we need to get out of the commonplace, act in a more preventive and predictive way. Otherwise, we will keep HR operational, being often corrective, reactive and distant from people. Then, we run the risk of stopping in time.

That commercial candidate made me rethink that we are all sellers of something to some degree. Regardless of the sales profile, we need to define the execution strategy. It doesn't matter if some are pure profile Hunter, excellent at hunting for new opportunities. Or great as Farmer, with super developed skills in serving and contributing to the maintenance of a good relationship. We need to act like Closer and being essential in a customer's final decision. And everyone we have a relationship with is a potential customer.

As for us RH's ?! We represent the company, the brand, the image of the corporation. We are the area of ​​“PEOPLE”, ambassadors of the organization. And if we do not apply our time in creating assertive strategies, establish important alliances and invest in resolutive tools in the conduct of processes. We will certainly go around shooting at all sides and expending much more energy than we needed. In case, we had started all the work sharpening the ax.

Rahyane Figueiredo
Senior Talent, Transition and Transformation Consultant at HR Consultants UK



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