Shift Your Job wants to reconcile employment and climate

Shift Your Job permet de trouver un job dans une entreprise engagée dans la transition énergétique et climatique.

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Posted on Jan 26, 2021 at 12:08 amUpdated Jan 26, 2021, 5:42 PM

This is a site that will delight all those who are concerned about the environment and who are looking for a job in a company in phase with the energy-climate transition. Called Shift Your Job and complementary to the platform For an ecological awakening, this tool was launched on December 8, 2021, thanks to the involvement of around thirty volunteers from the Shift Project think tank. “”We realized that it was not easy to know where to work to contribute to the carbon transition and have an impact on the climate, underlines shift operator Ariane Phélizot, at the initiative and pilot of the project. We then carried out a map to help those looking for a job to identify the structures where to apply ”.

1,230 organizations are already listed on the site, 70% of which are private companies and 17% associations. Research can be done by geographic location, company size, sector of activity, ie 12 in total (energy, transport, building, etc.) and up to more than 300 sub-sectors.

Neither a list of model companies, nor a jobboard

To identify these companies, the Shifters went hunting for information in specialized media, newsletters, trade fairs, with experts … Each structure must have activated at least one of the six impact levers identified to decarbonize the economy such as environmental sobriety, energy efficiency, CO2 storage, support for the transition through financing, training or advice, etc.

“We do not assess social and environmental responsibility or corporate governance, and we do not audit organizations, specifies in full transparency Ariane Phélizot. We limit ourselves to the energy-climate perimeter and invite everyone to form their own opinion by using the sectoral information that we make available to them on the site or by carrying out their own research ”.

Shift Your Job does not therefore assert itself as a directory of model companies and is not a jobboard either. You cannot post your CV there and companies do not post their job offers.

On the other hand, there are the trades practiced in each structure and the associated training. “We refer to the websites of organizations and their Linkedin. It is up to the candidates to fend for themselves and to try their luck “ launches the consultant in low carbon strategy.

Call for papers

This collective tool is now turning into a collaborative project. Everyone can add an unreferenced company or enrich the data already present. And some are not deprived of it. “We received more than 430 contributions from organization additions, indicates with pride the shifteuse. They come for example from the HR department of a group, from the com of a small company, but also from employees wanting to have their company referenced or from experts suggesting new entries in a sector or a sub-sector ”.

Each message is subject to several validations by the volunteers and a personalized response in case of refusal. “”This analysis requires us to set up rigorous processes to keep the same level of data quality” admits Ariane Phélizot.

Intense work for the small team which is teeming with ideas on many other subjects, for example how to give more visibility to low-carbon jobs “Like shoemakers or teachers” or help employees wishing to decarbonize their job. “Today each individual has the levers to move the lines from within and to empower their function. It is an audience that we would like to support ” says the consultant.



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