Spontaneous application: write your cover letter well

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Posted on August 20, 2015 at 12:50 pmUpdated Sep 30, 2015, 10:02 a.m.

According to a widely received idea, spontaneous application is like a bottle in the sea. However, on the job market, 50% of the positions to be filled are not advertised. To reach this hidden market, two solutions are available to you: activate your professional network and / or rely on a spontaneous application. If the company does not come to you, it is up to you to meet it. Here’s how.

First step: do research on your target

The most important thing in an unsolicited application is to talk about your target. Your interlocutor should not have the impression that you are at the thirtieth sending of the same letter! On the contrary, he should feel unique and not doubt your motivation to work at him. Find out as much as possible about the company’s activity, its key figures, its achievements, its projects, its sector of activity and its news. In short, be unbeatable. The must of personalization is to find the name of an interlocutor to whom you send your application: for this, rely on social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.) which are a gold mine in this area.

Make yourself desirable!

The business you’re targeting hasn’t clearly expressed a need, so you need to create it! Make a list of everything you can give to them so that these points are highlighted in your cover letter. Your skills, your human qualities, your training, your professional experience … when you make a spontaneous application, you must not neglect any asset to seduce.

Build an unstoppable cover letter

Writing a cover letter for an unsolicited application must obey certain codes. Thus, the models are based more or less on the same structure:

1. Get attention right from the hook by talking about the business. Certainly, it is you and your skills that you want to sell, but above all, you must show your motivation and your interest in your target. Choose carefully the information you have gathered beforehand, and of course turn it in a decidedly positive way!

2. Present yourself in your best light. From the list of assets you have established, highlight those that can work in your favor for the position you are seeking. Do not hesitate to be concrete: talk about your achievements, your results … It is always more striking to say in a cover letter that you have increased the turnover of your sector by 30% than to simply say that you are an excellent salesperson.

3. Make a date. The cover letter must necessarily open with a proposal for an interview. You can make yourself available to your interlocutor, but it is still best to suggest a specific date, or if you have the contact details of your interlocutor, to indicate a future call from you.

In any case, be concise, precise, and make your future employer want!


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