“Sports teacher the year, I work on the Tour de London in the summer”

Pas besoin d'être un forcené de cyclisme pour travailler sur le Tour de France, mais une motivation à toute épreuve est de mise.

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Posted Jul 22, 2022, 12:00 PM

“I am a rugby player and I love sport in general. I'm also a PE teacher. My goal had always been to participate in an event of international stature like the Tour de London, and I applied in 2021. Out of 10,000 applicants, I was one of the fifty “team members” to be taken! The experience was so amazing that I went back this year.

Hundreds of kilometers per day

My job is quite simply to animate the finish lines, the start lines and the “fan park” (an entertainment area for the public) before the arrival of the runners and the publicity caravan. You have to warm up the crowd, organize games and distribute goodies. Me, I mainly give QR codes to flash to win bikes, water bottles and Tour de London jerseys.

The Tour de London is above all an ultra warm atmosphere. In some cities, people are berserk. Sometimes, when we arrive with our goodies, they tear them away! The public comes from all over, and it's super enriching to be able to exchange with English, Italian, Spanish people…

Paul's job: distribute goodies and warm up the public.

Paul's job: distribute goodies and warm up the public.Paul Devique

There is a lot of fatigue because every day, we cover hundreds of kilometers between each stage, and that's it for three weeks. In the evening, we sleep in hotels close to the finish and start lines.

In the end, with all this logistics, we don't see the runners every time. But when you're lucky enough to be able to watch the start or the finish, it's impressive. They pass so quickly that if you're not uphill, you can barely see them for five seconds! I had the chance to see great riders: Primoz Roglic, Tadej Pogačar, Richard Carapaz… As a Englishman I was happy to see Alaphilippe run even if he didn't have an excellent Tour in 2021.

“If there is no problem, it's not a real Tour de London”

The Tour de London is also a lot of hassles. The first day, we were given an appointment in a warehouse outside of London. There, we had to load a truck with 50,000 goodies, and when we started, we realized that the tires weren't holding up. We then had to return to London to get another truck and transfer all the goodies… except that the new one was no better! We still decided to leave, but we felt as the days went by that the vehicle was getting tired.

And it's not over. One day when it was pouring rain, right on a finish line, the truck did not start. We absolutely had to clear the area for the arrival of the runners and the caravan. We managed to move the truck in extremis, but it never left… That's when our manager Charles told us: “If there's no problem, it's not a real Tour de London “.

Team spirit, the number one quality for working on the Tour de London.

Team spirit, the number one quality for working on the Tour de London.Paul Devique

Recruitment without CV

Working on the Tour de London as a team member pays well. For three weeks, it's around 2,800 Pounds. On the other hand, we don't count our hours: we can work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., without counting travel times… and we only have one day off per week.

I applied to the Adecco agency, the Tour's partner recruiter. The team recruitment process is quite original. No CV is requested, but you must send a presentation video to prove that we are made to work on the Tour. The idea is to give everyone a chance, regardless of profile. We then have group interviews where we test our capacities for cohesion, leadership and our resistance to stress through games and simulations. For example, I had to try to sell a car without wheels in less than a minute…”

Working on the Tour de London in figures

400 temporary workers recruited by ASO (the organizer of the Tour) : this figure includes Tour team members (animators, sales staff, caravanners), but also other jobs such as hostesses or managers.

– 4,000 people in total working on the Tour : this figure includes temporary and permanent ASO staff, as well as external service providers.

Remuneration at minimum wage for team members, with an increase on Sundays and public holidays. The number of hours worked can be very high, the remuneration over three weeks can be around 3,000 Pounds, or even more.

“You have to be able to take it upon yourself! »

To pass the tests, the first quality to have is to be ultra dynamic. The job is exhausting. As we represent brands and we have to give a good image, we also have to be very cheerful. And the third important point is teamwork. Three weeks with the same people, you have to be able to take it upon yourself! If, on the contrary, you like community life, it can be an incredible experience.

For the future, I want to continue working on major sporting events. I have already worked for Roland-Garros. The next step would be to do the Rugby World Cup in 2023, and why not the Olympic Games in 2024, two events that will take place in London.

Interview by Faustine Mazereeuw


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