Spotted money: what to do?

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Spotted money: what to do?

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Have you received any pink ink-stained banknote or damaged? This is undoubtedly a problem, since the bank will refuse to receive this type of currency.

THE pink stain on the banknotes signals that the money comes from thefts. This is because most ATMs today are programmed to release colored ink on banknotes, in order to use them in cases of theft.

To prevent and avoid losing money, it is important to know what to do in that case! Find it out:

  • what to do when you receive a spotted note;
  • how to identify if a ballot has lost its value;
  • whether there is a possibility of reimbursement.

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What to do if you receive pink-stained money?

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we ​​don't notice the details! If you have a store, you might end up getting spotted money or even counterfeit without realizing it. Or, when you make a withdrawal at the ATM, you don't even realize that you took an unused banknote.

So always try to be attentive. According to the Central Bank, you must always refuse notes with pink spots. There is no need to file a police report.

According to data from Febraban in 2021 (UK residents Federation of Banks), equipment that releases ink and uses banknotes has already been installed in more than 76% of the municipalities with up to 50 thousand inhabitants. In cities between 50 and 500 thousand, 30% of cashiers already have technology.

According to projections, the idea is to cover the entire country by 2021.

So there are two cases. The first is when the spotted money it was obtained from an ATM. The recommendation is that you seek as soon as possible from the Bank where you withdrew the money and present the stained note. They are required to exchange the note.

This process does not require any type of proof because the bank records all types of transactions. In addition, it is also valid for those who are not account holders.

The second case is a little more complicated: when you receive the spotted ballot in change.

In this case, the bank will write down your data (name, address, CPF or CNPJ) and send the bill for analysis at the Central Bank. If it is proven that the stain was not caused by an anti-theft mechanism, the citizen will be reimbursed by the bank. Otherwise, there will be no refund.

How to identify if a ballot has lost its value?

People increasingly prefer to use other forms of payment, such as a card. Even so, the circulation of paper bills remains necessary in some specific situations.

So what to do when that note is worn or stained with pink paint? How valid is it? Pay attention to these 3 types of damage:

  • unusable banknotes: notes worn out by use, but which can still be used. In that case, banks must collect the notes and forward them to the Central Bank for destruction;
  • lacerated banknotes: ripped, bumpy or streaked banknotes. Although they have value for deposit and payment, these banknotes also need to be duly exchanged by the bank;
  • mutilated banknotes: when the banknote loses much of its original size it totally loses its value.

In summary, if the note is slightly torn, dirty or even stained with a pen, it can still be used. Although, if the money is stained with pink paint you can't enjoy. This ink is used intentionally at ATMs to distinguish which banknotes are the result of criminal actions.

So if you get a spotted ballot (even if they are small stains), do not try to go over it. Try to get the refund!

What are the reimbursement cases?

In the topic above we saw in which situation a rose-stained note may or may not be reimbursed. But are there other cases?

You already forgot money in his pants pocket and put the piece to wash? You can even save the banknote by placing it in the sun, but be aware that the Central Bank can replace the damaged banknote with a new one.

In the case of stains, cuts and tears, the banknote is still usable as long as the damage does not reach more than 50% of the grade. In this case, prefer the substitution instead of going through the note.

The presence of gibberish also does not render the banknote useless, but it is classified by the Central Bank as unsuitable for use.

Also be careful not to accept a counterfeit note!

My ballot was damaged, do you have any homemade solution?

As we explained earlier, you can even try to save the banknote by placing it in the sun, if it is wet!

However, in all others, it is recommended that you send the ballot to the Central Bank, so that they can evaluate the possibility of reimbursement. The complaint can be made through the official website.

So don't try to “fix” or cover up the damage at home. The ballot could get even worse. Prevention is the best solution for not Lose money.

As we have seen, the banknotes may have been stained with pink due to an anti-theft system. This invalidates the note, but some unsuspecting people may continue to use it normally.

If you identify pink spots on the ballot, decline receipt. Or, go to the bank, explain the situation and ask for reimbursement. The important thing is not to pass on the doubtful ballot!

Now that you know how to identify when the money is still valid or not, you can receive change more safely. Follow the tips above and keep an eye out!

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