Storytelling: HR manager tells stories that teach

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Storytelling: HR manager tells stories that teach

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HR Manager tells stories that teach: Check out real stories about the day-to-day life of managers and leaders (decision makers) in the Human Resources area.

We chose to maintain the privacy of people and companies, using fictitious names for the characters. But we are sure that you will identify yourself with some cases, such as the one we will tell you about.

Check out the following story, told by an HR manager, I hope it inspires you!

When change is not always the villain of the HR manager

Imagine that you are HR manager of a large company and that it has 6 people in its team to take care of all the processes that the Human Resources area of ​​the company needs.

Furthermore, still, has a supplier that serves the company since it was born in the market, but that today it no longer corresponds to all your demands and needs.

So, did you imagine?

It may be difficult to arrive at this reality, after all, it is not easy to maintain the high cost of the six employees working in HR, and yet, the lack of security the absence of a tool capable of supporting people management, in addition to controlling and verifying all data sent to the government.

You would be looking for a company that would provide some service that could solve these two main problems, right?

Of course, as any good manager would do.

That's what Daniela did, I will briefly tell you what happened …

It was a dream, the resolution of all the difficulties he went through during the last few years was close to having a happy ending. But it was not like that.

It was exactly 2 years of trial and error in the implementation of the new system, which ended up generating more manual work, rework and many difficulties in day-to-day. The new tool did not perform the calculations accurately and the supplier's consultants were unable to solve the problems, becoming a real villain in Daniela's life.

However, after numerous attempts, she had to cancel the contract and was again working with her first supplier. Daniela did not conform to the situation and talked to a friend, who was also an HR manager and worked in a slightly smaller company, from a different segment than yours. That was when her friend Flávia commented on her solution provider for payroll outsourcing and concluded by saying how satisfied she was.

Daniela's eyes shone, and hope welled up in her heart again. On the afternoon of the same day, Fabiano from Grupo HCM called, he wanted to understand Daniela's scenario and needs to know how he could help generate value for the company.

It was love at first sight, we had exactly what Daniela was looking for and needed: a payroll outsourcing solution that talked to your ERP, processed the payrolls of all 970 employees and guaranteed compliance with legal obligations and the payment of taxes in your segment, including mainly eSocial requirements.

Once implemented, the solution enabled the company to assign other roles to the HR team, as only one person in HR operational activities was enough to help you and ensure the quality, security and control of information.

It is the ideal world, Daniela has been satisfied and happy with the HCM Group for two years.

This first story presents just one of the countless REAL CASES that several companies that provide the payroll outsourcing service suffer daily.

We hope that this material can benefit you and your team and, with that, avoid losses previously unknown, providing the next step that would be the generation of value for your company.


With almost a decade of existence, we are specialists in solutions for people management, combining creativity, business knowledge, information technology and legislation to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of our customers.

The HCM Group currently provides services in two business lines: HCM Outsourcing and HCM Consulting.

HCM Outsourcing: We have a robust payroll processing structure. In compliance with all ERPs in the market, we guarantee compliance with legal obligations and payment of taxes, including mainly eSocial requirements.

And we go further, we provide a complete technology of access to information through web tools that allow managers to see the data of their team, such as organization chart, vacation schedule, point management, among others. The employee himself has access to the Digital Payment Envelope, Income Report, Vacation Request and Bank of Hours.

HCM Consulting: Consulting, development, training and process design service on the Totvs HCM product – Datasul® Line. In addition, we are specialists in eSocial having our own messaging solution.

What is your main challenge? Enjoy and schedule a free conversation.


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