Storytelling: IT manager tells stories that teach

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Storytelling: IT manager tells stories that teach

Table of Contents

Check out real stories about the day-to-day life of managers and leaders (decision makers) in the IT area.

We chose to maintain the privacy of people and companies, using fictitious names for the characters. But we are sure that you will identify yourself with some cases, such as the one we will tell you about.

Check out the following story, told by an IT manager, I hope it inspires you!

Barbosa has been the IT director of a large Logistics company for 8 years and now has 2320 employees. Every month, all directors and managers participate in meetings for strategic definitions of the CIA, where to increase EBITDA, generate cash and reduce tax burden these are issues that are always in vogue at these meetings.

So far so good, but the big and repetitive problem that plagued these meetings was the ERP and the consultancy that served both Barbosa and Romeu, HR.

Imagine that you are Barbosa and work with an ERP and a consultancy that today no longer meets all the demands and requirements of the areas, there were so many conversations in an attempt to improve processes and the wear and tear reached such a big point that companies and consultancies that appeared saying they would solve all the company's problems were no longer taken seriously.

That's when they decided change ERPAt that time Barbosa was against the change, not because of the change itself, but because of the bad choice of the new solution, as he had already studied the market and friends of the profession had not given good recommendations about it.

Said and done, it took 2 years from the implementation to the decision to go back to the old solution that had its defects there, but not as many as this one.

It was a great relief, the directors, even going back to the old tool, were happy because now they only needed to search the market for a consultancy that could help them leave the ERP the way they needed it, it was when Romeu commented to Barbosa that a professional colleague had given you a partner consulting who made many improvements in the company in which she worked, this company had a slightly different scenario, it was also a little smaller and the consultancy indicated by her had about 1 year in the market.

It was a risk, but how not to take a risk when the alternatives analyzed did not solve the problems?

Then the HCM Group he was called for a conversation with the board of directors, the balance of the meeting was very positive, everyone was very excited and even relieved, because even with a short time of existence the Group already had great cases of success in companies even bigger than theirs.

In the same week, Romeu and Barbosa had lunch with two reference clients of the HCM Group and right after these meetings, they had no more doubts about the partnership.

It was and is being a success: today all areas use the service and after 2 years of working in partnership, the HCM Group, in addition to the process adjustments and the stabilization of the payment modules (payroll, vacations and terminations, benefits and control frequency), the modules for Positions and Salaries, Skills and Competencies, Personnel Development, Training Administration, Personnel Budget and Recruitment and Selection were implemented to support the management of CIA organizational guidelines.

With the arrival of eSocial, Barbosa again called Grupo HCM to see how they would go through the entire process without wear and tear. That was when the idea of deploy a BI especially for them.

Today the BI has 140 demographic, financial and performance indicators to strengthen and help in the direction of the Company, where some of the indicators are overtime, labor, absenteeism, hours on itinere, absences, intra-shift and inter-shift intervals, turnover and others.

Now, all areas of the company are studied separately and if any of them are having difficulties, the governing body together with the presidency can quickly view, resolve them and finally avoid sanctions for not complying with the legislation monitored by the eSocial.

This story presents just one of the countless REAL CASES that several companies that provide the consulting service suffer daily.

We hope that this material can benefit you and your team and, with that, avoid losses previously unknown, providing the next step that would be the generation of value for your company.


With almost a decade of existence, we are specialists in solutions for people management, combining creativity, business knowledge, information technology and legislation to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of our customers.

The HCM Group currently provides services in two business lines: HCM Outsourcing and HCM Consulting.

HCM Outsourcing: We have a robust payroll processing structure. In compliance with all ERPs in the market, we guarantee compliance with legal obligations and payment of taxes, including mainly eSocial requirements.

And we go further, we provide a complete technology of access to information through web tools that allow managers to see the data of their team, such as organization chart, vacation schedule, point management, among others. The employee himself has access to the Digital Payment Envelope, Income Report, Vacation Request and Bank of Hours.

HCM Consulting: Consulting, development, training and process design service on the Totvs HCM product – Datasul® Line. In addition, we are specialists in eSocial having our own messaging solution.

What is your main challenge? Enjoy and schedule a free conversation.


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