Stress and crowded transport: the return to the office does not only make people happy

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Le gouvernement assouplit le télétravail à partir du 9 juin.

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“Every time I try to take transport right now, it's a mess. I say to myself: why did we put up with this before? Have we lost the habit? “ Clémence, a Parisian employee in a higher private establishment, currently works one or two days a week in person, but will have to return to 100% on site ” soon “. Like other teleworkers, she apprehends this deadline. From June 9, the government plans to allow companies to relax the rules around teleworkingvia social dialogue, although it will remain recommended.

Gaël, 27, in translation, fears losing the only day of telework he has left. More than the fear of the Covid, it is the question of transport that also torments this other Parisian employee: “I have one hour in the morning, one hour in the evening of RER transport, so (teleworking) is a big advantage”, he says.

Lolita, 100% teleworked since the end of October, saw her “Lifestyle to improve by being at home”. This 25-year-old bank employee, who is afraid of finding the open space, notes “A saving of time on sleep, but also for leisure, shopping, chores …”.

After more than a year of health crisis, seven out of ten employees believe that a face-to-face return is “Necessary for the cohesion of the teams”, but half of teleworkers do not want “Not come back to the office like before”, according to an OpinionWay barometer published on Wednesday.

“Teleworking and distance vis-à-vis the hierarchy, it allows to take a lot of perspective on the very poor organization of work and the preponderant role that managers take”, confides Yazid (first name changed), an executive in a banking group in La Défense, who feels “Less in an emergency” from a distance.

“There was a certain freedom not to stress in the morning, to take your time, already regrets Clémence. I shouldn't be bragging about it too much, but I admit that I had mornings where, at 9:15 am, I put on a clean t-shirt and I did my hair loosely before going to connect to the first videoconference. of the day. “

“It doesn't catch on anymore”

For managers, the problem is different. How to encourage the workforce to return? At, a business services company with 220 employees, the process promises to be gradual with two mandatory days of presence this summer and a return to normalcy scheduled for September.

“We are setting up a number of major festive meetings so that people enjoy meeting each other”, explains Managing Director Laurent Lévy, reporting that“About 10% of the workforce has not returned to work at all” since the end of October and the second confinement.

Impossible to consider a return ” like before “ with an impersonal workspace, a rigid framework, “It doesn't catch on at all”, adds the boss. A move is planned for 2022 to bring together the teams on a single site, more suited to this new reality.

This also applies to large companies such as Société Générale, which is reviewing its workspaces for more than “Conviviality”. The director of human resources Caroline Guillaumin wishes a gradual return of the teams – for many 100% in telework since the end of October – during the summer, otherwise “The reluctance in September will be enormous”. “It's going to be a big start, with a lot of people in transport, schools that will resume, it is important that we have an acclimatization”, she explains to AFP.

Installed on the Atlantic coast since March 2021, Hugo, employee of a Parisian IT company, is preparing. And he said to himself “Fully aware” that if he does not come back in person, it is an opportunity for the company to relocate its work “To countries with much lower production costs”, “A dangerous game”.


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