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Succession processes are always complex and time-consuming. Generally, companies do not have an elaborate plan for changing their executives and, at the time of transition, they may find it difficult to make the best choice.

Therefore, it is important that the succession begins to be discussed by managers at least two years in advance and that potential candidates begin to be mapped and evaluated during this time. With the help of assessment programs and appropriate tools, it is possible to analyze the skills of each professional and help companies diagnose the potential of each of those pre-chosen for the position.

It is important to think that succession does not only involve the replacement of the executive per se, but the future of the company because the organizational culture, values ​​and processes need to be maintained to ensure the perpetuity of the business. The company's profit and development depend on strategic management and knowledge transfer models. Therefore, if a leader leaves abruptly and does not have anyone very well prepared to replace him, it can impact the management and results of the group.

No one is irreplaceable, but this theory is not always in the heads of executives, which ends up postponing succession planning. Believing that no other person will be able to move the company forward with the same vigor and understanding that they do, many executives do not consider the need to transfer knowledge to their peers or subordinates over time to make the transition smooth.

And companies do not always have an internally prepared human resources team with the necessary instruments for succession processes. Therefore, there are consultancies that offer this type of project. In succession processes, it is necessary to take into account the company's culture and the technical and behavioral skills desired for the new position.

Taking into account specific techniques for evaluating profiles and skills, together with the needs of each company, information is cross-referenced to arrive at the best candidate for succession. Often, the leader has already mapped out some employees who would like to be evaluated for their position, but it is also possible that they prefer to merge the selection with outside candidates. Generally, the succession plan ends up not only helping to choose a replacement, but also finding new opportunities for other candidates.

This is possible because with the performance analyzes that are carried out, it is possible to discover a new potential for a given employee and relocate him to an area where he is more likely to contribute and develop.

The advantage of planning the succession with a specialized consultancy is, in addition to the exemption in the process, without predilections for candidates, the use of appropriate techniques and specific methodology, which guarantees the choice of the professional best prepared for the vacancy.

Eliane Espinha is an Associate at HR Consultant UK at the Joinville unit, has solid experience in the Human Resources, Personnel Selection and Development area.


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