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Do you feel that your professional life is slipping away from you? This is the case for 9 out of 10 English people, according to a Gallup study. A large majority of people feel disengaged at work. The reason ? Often, they chose a career that did not correspond to their talent or their passion, but also because of evolving in a work environment that is not stimulating.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations? Then it's time for you to consider your next professional step. But be careful, you must not rush headlong, at the risk of leaving your current job for the wrong reasons. I share with you 6 tips to regain power over your professional life and calmly take the path to your next step.

1. Multiply your options

When we stay too long in a job that no longer makes us vibrate, it is difficult to realize our value and the opportunities available to us.

You must have a clear vision of your desires, your skills and your experiences in order to create a list of career options. Make an initial list of things or areas that interest you without censoring yourself. This list is just for you, it will help you put on paper what you are passionate about.

Then make a second list, including your strengths. If you doubt your strengths, ask the opinion of a loved one, it is sometimes easier. Once your two lists are established, cross them! What do you like to do and what are the things you do well?

In a third list, rank your options and prioritize them in order of importance. For example, if your manager praises your finance skills but you made this choice by default, then the finance option should be lower on the list.

2. Define your non-negotiable points

Before changing careers, you must gain height regardless of the position you are aiming for. Defining your life strategy is very important because it will allow you to save time and focus only on opportunities that serve this vision. This step is often the most neglected even though it is essential.

Here are some sample questions that might help you define your non-negotiables:

– Pro/personal life balance: how much time do you want to devote to your work per week?

– Remuneration: how much money do you want to earn per month with this new activity?

– Environment: do you want to lead other people or have a high degree of autonomy?

– Location: would you be willing to move to change jobs?

3. Be realistic

Changing your life makes many people dream… but instead of idealizing a profession or a sector, ask yourself the right questions to find out if this project is at the service of your life strategy defined above.

Every job has rewarding and frustrating aspects. Before making your choice, make a list of its pros and cons as there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

– Is it a profession that can be practiced in telework, in hybrid or in full face-to-face?

– What skills are required? Do I have them, or would I be willing to learn them?

– What is the salary for positions in this field? Is the pay scale very high or evenly distributed?

– What does job growth look like in this sector? Are these CDI or freelance contracts?

– Are there opportunities in this area in my area?

Answering these questions will narrow your list of options, and that's a good thing: it's better to find out that a job isn't right for you now than after you've started down that path.

4. Face reality

What is the best way to find out about the day-to-day jobs that interest you? By developing your network and exchanging with professionals in the sector.

Where to find these people? Browse your social networks, especially LinkedIn, or register for events and conferences in the field.

As valuable as networking can be, you need to get first-hand insight into the job through a job shadowing. If you get along well with one of the interviewees, ask to follow them in their day, this can help you understand not only the missions and responsibilities of the job, but also the culture and the work environment.

If your viewing experience has made you want to come back, you may have found something to explore!

5. Make yourself known

If your professional project is in a field where you have little experience, you should bet on your personal brand to show your appetite for the targeted profession. You have to be realistic: at the beginning, you will receive a lot of refusals.

The network is a good way to make yourself known, but there are other options: create, for example, a website and publish your portfolio or even describe your dream job on social networks.

The more exposure you have, the more people will be interested in what you have to offer. Put yourself forward and you can find a great opportunity.

6. Develop your explorer soul

You don't find your path by chance, it is built and developed over time.

The world of work is constantly changing, so we must cultivate our explorer's soul to navigate it serenely. An explorer defines his direction thanks to his compass but does not control the way. He may face many obstacles but it is his patience and perseverance that will get him through.

For the career, it's the same thing. We can define our life strategy, the vision of our career in a few years with specific criteria, but we won't have everything right away. Sometimes it's side experiences, such as an entrepreneurial mission within your company, that will give you the confidence to get started as an entrepreneur.

About the author

After ten years of working in a company, N'Geur Sarr experienced a “crossing of the desert”. Today an entrepreneur with her company Gatemeri, she explores the notion of success via a podcast, offers workshops to assume her uniqueness and is an HR consultant on the subjects of diversity, corporate culture and talent engagement.

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