Talent Bank 2.0: when, how and why to develop

Talent Bank 2.0: when, how and why to develop

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Being assertive in hiring makes all the difference in talent retention. Therefore, with a market that is increasingly competitive, the talent bank 2.0 is an excellent alternative for increasing the assertiveness of selection processes.

When the company has a talent bank 2.0, which is an evolution of the curriculum bank, vacancies can be filled more quickly and effectively.

That's because talent bank 2.0 gives the organization a list of professionals with more complete data. From academic and professional experience to specializations and personal profile, thus facilitating the choice of the ideal candidate.

Do you want to know the situations in which talent bank 2.0 can be used in your company? We have prepared this article to talk about how this tool can streamline recruitment processes and ensure greater assertiveness in hiring.

What is talent bank 2.0

The talent bank is a strategic tool used by the Human Resources sector to optimize the attracting professionals style=”font-weight: 400;”> and selection processes.

Through the talent bank, companies are able to store candidates' personal and professional information. Be it academic education data, professional characteristics, personal profile, skills, competences and etc.

It can be used to gather information from both external and internal professionals.

The idea is to facilitate promotions and fill vacancies that may become available for some reason. In the case of talent bank 2.0, he is an evolution of the curriculum bank, since everything is done in a technological and automated way.

If all documents were previously stored physically, on paper, the talent bank is currently in the cloud with online portfolios.

The benefits of the talent bank 2.0

Now that you already know what the talent bank 2.0 is, we have selected the main benefits that it can bring to your company and when to use it. Check out!

Enables more effective screening of candidates

A talent bank 2.0 allows a selection process to have a more detailed filtering of candidates. This is because in an automated way the search is more complete and easier.

In just a few clicks, the recruiter will have in hand a range of candidates with the skills that the company wants. That is, a talent bank 2.0, digitized, is more agile and assertive, because everything will be brought together in the same environment.

Optimizes the selection of professionals

According to a Glassdoor recruitment site survey, Brazil ranks first among the countries in which the selection process takes the longest.

It takes about 39.6 days for a contract to be made through opening the vacancy, selection, interviews and conclusion.

Therefore, the longer the time taken in this process, the lower the chances of the company being able to dedicate itself to strategic people management issues. Directly impacting the actions of attraction and retaining talent<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

However, with talent bank 2.0, work becomes more proactive and screening works faster. Since the recruiter will have several professionals on hand, for different functions. Making the process infinitely more practical and faster.

Reduces selection process costs

By betting on a more automated process in the selection processes, cost reduction is a consequence. Because, with computerization it is possible to shorten the steps of a selection without losing quality in the process<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Not to mention, having the talent bank 2.0 the company can easily select a candidate, without having to make choices in a hurry and often wrong.

When the need for hiring arises, the talent bank 2.0 offers a range of options, with professionals who have exactly the skills necessary to assume a certain role.

In addition, the process becomes faster, preventing, for example, the company from spending too much time with an open job, overloading employees and compromising results.

Facilitates the promotion of employees

Many companies end up losing excellent internal talent because they do not value their work. In this sense, they end up hiring without ceasing when in fact the solution is there within the company itself.

With the talent bank 2.0, the chances of this happening are reduced, because there is a more assertive mapping of the team and the possible talents style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

As a result, the promotion of employees becomes a reality and filling vacancies and relocating employees is quick and effective. Thus reducing costs with new selection processes and external hiring.

Technologies to build a talent bank

Talent Bank 2.0 takes advantage of new technologies to make selection processes more accurate. Eliminating possible bureaucracies that delay the choice and enhancing the chances of results.

We list some technological tools that can contribute to the formation of a talent bank.

Linkedin Recruiter

THE LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool that promises less research and more recruitment. It is easy to create a refined search for the desired profile, location, position and skills.

With the filters inserted by the company, intuitively the LinkedIn Recruiter suggests and indicates to those candidates that it has more to do with the vacancy described.

Not to mention that it offers a guide with guidelines for using the tool so that the talent bank is built in the most effective way possible.

Specialized recruitment portals

Many specialized portals, such as Catho and Jobs, offer a number of resources so that the company can actually build a talent bank 2.0.

In addition to offering a space where candidates can easily send their resume, these channels allow the company to make a better selection screening.

Given that many of these virtual means of selection offer a standardization in the construction of the curriculum, making it easier for recruiters to see.

What's more, it even offers virtual tests that the company can build on the company's own portal to refine requirements and eliminate wrong choices.

Online recruitment, in addition to being effective in setting up a talent bank 2.0, is known for its practicality in the search, optimization of the selection time, cost reduction and even elimination of duplicate curricula.

Recruitment software

The market strictly follows the obligation to update itself and base its processes more on technology than on bureaucracy. Therefore, that automation is recurrent in the day-to-day life of organizations.

And so, the talent bank 2.0 of many companies is dependent on management software that are effective in selecting good professionals. Through these platforms, HR, in addition to organizing resumes and candidates, has greater control over potential talents.

Because the software allows a centralization of information that provides greater control and security over the data of candidates and company professionals.

If you want to know more about the effectiveness of technology in selecting candidates, we have an article on “6 best tools used in the recruitment and selection process!

The talent bank 2.0 is a competitive differentiator

The construction of a talent bank 2.0 is a major market differentiator, facilitating hiring, promotions and relocation of positions.

Whoever invests in the talent bank performs more assertive selection processes and consequently positively impacts the results. Much due to the various benefits that a talent bank 2.0 can offer the company.

Optimizing the selection time, reducing costs and facilitating the segmentation of specific competencies.

In a market where the search for the retention of good professionals is a great challenge, the talent bank 2.0 is an effective, fast and assertive solution.

Did you like our article? Leave a comment and tell us if your company already invests in the talent bank and how effective it is in your organization.



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