“Tech employees, stop asking for stratospheric salaries! “

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Les salaires sont parfois supérieurs aux 100 K euros bruts annuels avant même 30 ans.

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Posted on Dec 10, 2021 2021 at 6:58

Tech employees, you don't want to take the measure of it, but we are no longer very far from the lack of taste in terms of remuneration. By dint of looking for the best offer without thinking about real career construction, without choosing the manager who will grow and who will inspire, you will limit discussions with your future employers to simple transactional aspects.

For my part, I am always ready to advise you in the best possible way since it is my job but I do not want to be reduced to questions that do not call for a rebound: “ How much is it ? “And this, all day long … Your professional project cannot be held in these few questions worthy of an Audiard dialogue.

I thought, in fact, that the question of meaning as well as that of the quality of the project that entrepreneurs defend was the key for each of you. I sometimes have the impression that I am very far from it.

Tech: wages disconnected from the rest of the economy

Some would say that we ourselves, the recruiters, contribute in our postures to push “to crime” when we push those who earn the most versus those who are most suited to the position to be filled. I humbly hope that I will not be associated with it so much I like the position of a talent agent; not that of a players' agent who gains much more by forcing transfers and changes of employer than by supporting these raw talents over time, which still have to go through a number of stages in order to fully blossom.

Tech pay already stood out from many other markets, but deciding to exclude yourself from a larger ecosystem is dangerous. We are close to stellar levels in your sectors, with salaries sometimes higher than 100 K Pounds gross per year or even 200 K Pounds even before 30 years for some. All this in a context where the rest of the economy is struggling to keep pace.

Sometimes it is more important to have resources than to measure their efficiency

In addition, you quickly forget that at the start of a career (around the fateful 5-7 years of experience or more), it is above all the company that takes the risks, which invests in you and which will not see therefore its return on investment really only materializes over time. It is therefore not just the short term that must be aimed at. Take the time, on the other hand, to choose the right managers as the first mentors; those who, in short, will make you grow. If you're looking to add a line to your resume and jump from one situation to another, we're unlikely to find each other later.

Are we simply asking ourselves the question of the performance of these young employees with high potential? Not always, because in difficult markets, it is sometimes more important to have resources than to measure their efficiency as such.

By being very demanding of your partner (the company here and whatever its form), you take the risk of not really fitting into the project, to seek more of the mirror effect on your supposed talent, and to put it bluntly, to be irrelevant.

Your Eldorado is not mine. I don't want to find myself facing ex-future talents who have burnt their wings without having (re) acted. I like this punchline, known to young forties, but it would hurt me if it came true for most of you: starlet rhymes with obsolete and it is classified in the series in the B department;)


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