Tech Tools for HR: Check out the complete guide

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Ferramentas Tecnológicas para RH

Table of Contents

Every day, the HR of a company deals with a flood of demands, making the overloaded sector and often bureaucratic. As a way to optimize the processes performed by Human Resources, some tools have been developed, being able to make the activities performed much more assertive., practical and fast.

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Although it is a growing trend that promises to change completely the way of working in these sectors, many companies have not yet joined this new model due to lack of information about their tools and facilities, which is harmful in all areas of the business, as HR permeates all of them.

To answer all your questions about the new technological tools for HR that promise optimize work, we da HR Consultant, together with the Academy range and the Pipo Health, we created an e-book with unmissable tips that will guarantee the automation of this type of work and make your company's day-to-day easier! See more details below.

What are technology tools for HR and why use them?

Technological tools for HR are improvements made through digital channels, which aim at automating and optimizing processes that could only be done manually before.

They are capable of performing complex jobs, such as payroll automation, for example, offering greater practicality not only for the sector, but for employees, who have experienced a quality service, fast and without delay.

To learn more about payroll automation processes, check out our article on the subject: How to uncomplicate payroll using GP technology

Using them is a great sign of progress for any company, since the responsible sector productivity can be increased, causing new areas to be explored.

This transformation involves concrete benefits for everyone, such as the implementation of digital channels to carry out the most diverse processes, in addition to raising the quality of the work done by the HR sector.

Learn more about the HR Consultant, Gama Academy and Pipo Saúde partnership

After we've gone through a moment of big changes and adaptations in 2021, it was possible to see how important and effective the Internet is to facilitate the most different processes.

Through her, many barriers have been knocked down, showing, even impetuously, how much we can be dependent on the large computer network.

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From simple processes like meeting friends via video call, to more complex actions like managing the entire sector of a company, the Internet is available for a range of possibilities.

However, for this to be a reality in our daily lives, it is necessary for us to be more confident and receptive to change that we are passing through and that will still arrive.

As a way to clarify how these new technologies can positively impact in the trajectory of a company, mainly in HR, three of the largest UK residents companies focused on business solutions, decided to unite, aiming to demystify and present new solutions for the business market in various niches.

e-book creation

As a result of this union, an e-book entitled “Indispensable technologies and services for HRs in 2021″, which works extremely well as a handbook of technology tools for HR.

Through this guide, the reader can get to know several companies that offer their services as a way to facilitate the work of the Human Resources sector for entrepreneurs.

During the reading, it is possible to understand how complex the work of this sector is and how easy it is for it to become overloaded, after all, there are many demands to be carried out daily. as a way of solving this type of problem, the new technologies created through the Internet become one of the few options, in fact, viable to be executed by the companies.

What will I find in the e-book?

Common friendly design and simple, straightforward communication, you will find more than 30 names of companies that aim to assist in the work developed by the Human Resources sector of different types of business.

There are several important entrepreneurs in the national and international market, who are just a click away.

The central idea of ​​the content is to bring to the attention of the general public, a series of companies that can make the daily work of a company more easily done, without the constant incidence of problems, which is the reality for many HR sectors that suffer from excess demand.

The digital book is divided into 10 chapters where you can find solutions in tools and businesses that offer services such as:

  • Check Point;
  • Engagement Surveys;
  • Health and wellness;
  • Payments and benefits;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Plus many other points.

All these topics are extremely relevant within a company and demand a great amount of time and effort from the responsible sector.

How relevant are these themes to my company?

Some of these areas need constant attention, as it has its formal monthly flow, such as payments and benefits. And others, such as recruitment actions are less punctual, but can take long months.

To learn more about recruiting in practice, check out some tips in this text we've prepared for you: Remote Job Interview: Tips for Recruiters and Candidates

Therefore, relying on the help of startups and other ventures dedicated to optimizing this type of process, contributes very positively to engagement employees, since they also benefit from these facilities.

In addition, it also brings benefits to the company, which can have its team dedicated to several projects, in addition to remaining stagnant for only a long period.

Get to know the companies responsible for the project

Born out of dissatisfaction with processes that apparently had no solution, the companies responsible for organizing the e-book “Indispensable technologies and services for HRs in 2021” today they are a reference in the automation process and improvements in the business environment through technological tools for HR.

The progressive success of these brands is due to the addition of a complex problem to simple solutions is that, in fact, they work in the day to day business. With a few years of creation, HR Consultant, Gama Academy and Pipo Saúde tin growing in numbers and satisfaction, as it manages to bring a new perspective to problems faced for years.

If you still don't know who they are or the services they provide, we have a short summary for you.

HR Consultant

HR Consultant is a platform dedicated to financial services, created in 2021. Its functions allow employees of a company to access their monthly and 13th salary before the payment date.

This alternative means that employees do not need to resort to overdraft, loans or credit card, avoiding problems with the high interest rates stipulated by banks.

With this initiative, HR Consultant aims to strengthening of financial life of employees, reducing daily stress and creating a favorable environment for the internal work developed.

Academy range

Since it arrived on the market in 2016, Gama Academy has stood out for “not being a school”. The institution aims to train and select talent in areas belonging to the digital market, such as design, marketing, programming and sales. Today, almost 90% of its graduates are employed by the brand's partner companies, such as Nubank, Ifood and Itaú.

The startup collects several awards, being chosen by Singularity University as one of the best education startups in the UK and elected for the second consecutive year as the best education startup of 2021 by the ABStartups Startup Awards.

Pipo Health

With very young creators, the benefits management startup aims to optimize and facilitate the relationship of the Human Resources sector of companies with health plans and other benefits in the same area.

His great disappointment is related to the great importance that employees attach to the benefit of the health plan offered by the companies.

Currently, the brand manages 7 thousand beneficiaries, having as clients the hotel chain OYO, the educational platform Alura and Functional Health Tech, responsible for managing the health of thousands of people for over 18 years.

To learn about a highly successful case of Pipo Saúde, read this article: OYO Case Study: How We Reduced Cost Per Person by 50% in Corporate Health Plan

Apply this idea!

To make the processes involving the Human Resources sector of your company very faster and easier, join the new technological tools for HR available in the market is a great way to optimize the work.

Do you want to know more tools and services to boost your company's HR service? Check the link Indispensable tools and services for HRs in 2021

These tools contribute positively in several ways, creating nnew possibilities of communication between the company and its employees, becoming a real benefit for all who participate in it, since the HR sector is interconnected with all other sectors of its business.

We hope that the e-book “Indispensable technologies and services for HRs in 2021” contribute positively so that your company is a power in your area, through the improvements and tools proposed in our content.

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Below you can check a small snippet of the content:

“Good payment and benefit management is essential. In addition to legal problems, errors in this regard can interfere with the retention of talent, productivity and well-being of employees.

Good thing there are technological tools to optimize these processes, isn't it? Check out some options!

Caju is a startup in the financial sector created in 2021 that promotes a system for managing employee benefits through a card […]”

Want to know more about the subject? So visit our landing page, download it now and get access to the full content absolutely free!


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