Technologies in HR: discover the most used and how they can help

Technologies in HR: discover the most used and how they can help

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The use of technologies in HR is an increasing necessity in the business world. Every day, trends and a series of advantageous tools for people management processes emerge. They serve to make routines more agile, increase service quality and favor strategic actions in the department.

But, as it is something relatively new, the subject still raises many doubts for Human Resources professionals. What are these technologies? What benefits do they bring to your daily life?

To answer these questions, we've put together a guide with everything you need to know about using computer systems in HR. Interested? Follow the post!

What are the main technologies used in HR?

First of all, it is necessary to know the main tools available on the market. There are countless options, each with different purposes and applications. Check out some of them below.

people management system

A people management system serves to gather all the information pertinent to HR in a single platform. Time tracking, vacation history, performance evaluations and other employee indicators are easily accessed through the tool, which optimizes decision-making based on this data.

Collaborative platforms

Collaborative platforms, also known as crowdsourcing, allow the involvement of internal or external professionals in the organization's projects. Participants can access the system from any PC or device, making proposals and exchanging ideas about the demand in question.

During the discussion, the company selects the best solutions presented and opens conversations with those responsible. It is a great way to increase the volume of contributions to the company's projects, as well as helping the organization to have a more innovative posture.


Many companies have been using smartphone apps for recruitment and selection to make the process more dynamic. It works like this: when a professional wants to work at the organization, they download the app. Through it, you can register for available positions and follow all stages of the selection process.

Using the tool also makes life easier for HR, as all the screening of resumes is done through the application. Furthermore, it is an excellent strategy to attract younger talent, linked to technology and aligned with the company's objectives.

People Analytics

In Human Resources, the use of business intelligence and big data gained a new name: People Analytics. The strategy consists of mapping technical and behavioral data of candidates and employees.

In this way, it is possible to identify patterns to be used in strategic decisions, such as the formation of leaders and training programs.


Using e-learning systems in corporate training is a great way to adapt them to the limited free time of employees. Content is published on an online platform and can be accessed from anywhere. This eliminates structural expenses that the company would have with face-to-face training and increases the acceptance of courses by employees.

corporate social networks

The purpose of a corporate social network is to improve the flow of internal communication between team members, making the exchange of messages more dynamic.

In addition to bringing employees together, this is a good way to make online discussions about the organization's projects more secure. This is because many of them are confidential and cannot have leaked information.

What are the benefits of using technologies in HR?

Now that you are familiar with some of the most used technology tools, it's time to deepen your understanding of the benefits they bring. Let's get to the main ones:

Process optimization

All the features presented so far provide more efficiency and agility to HR processes. With them, it is possible to obtain better results in recruitment and selection, automate operational tasks and carry out more assertive performance evaluations.

Technology also helps HR notice and fix failures more quickly, something that manual procedures cannot. Thus, the department stops wasting time with the alignment of information, corrections and rework, keeping the focus on developing strategic solutions for the organization.

Information Integration

Bringing all the information that is important to HR in a single platform helps to eliminate a series of obstacles that can occur in everyday life. When the department has to deal with multiple systems, problems like lost or incompatible data are common.

When the company uses a complete people management technology, information flows more simply. When calculating employee salaries, for example, time attendance data are already connected to the payroll. This way, the calculation is automated, without the need to spend hours and hours with manual processes.

More effective selection processes

With the help of apps, People Analytics and specialized platforms, the recruitment and selection processes are becoming simpler, faster and more effective. Resume screening, a traditionally time-consuming procedure, is done automatically, without the need to handle huge piles of papers.

Now, the search for talent takes place through systems equipped with algorithms and search engines, carefully developed to find professionals who meet the requirements of each vacancy.

After the tests and interviews steps, it is possible to enter the results in a specific platform. Thus, the recruiter can compare the performance of each professional and select the most suitable one based on this analysis.

How are these tools gaining ground in the market?

There are so many advantages of using technologies in HR that these tools have already become commodities in companies. In other words: every serious organization needs to modernize — otherwise, it will fall behind in terms of results and will be seen as a company that has not kept up with the market.

It is important to consider that the profile of the Human Resources sector has changed. Now, the department's professionals need to have specific training and think strategically. In this scenario, HR acts much more like an organization's business partner than the purely operational area it once was.

These were our tips on using technologies in HR! Now that you know the benefits of these tools, it's time to put what you've learned into practice. Analyze the company you work for and select the systems that make the most sense for your reality. We are sure you will reap the rewards quickly!

Did you like this post? If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us. It will be a pleasure to share more information about technologies in Human Resources with you!


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