Technology for HR: how to optimize the department with this feature

Technology for HR: how to optimize the department with this feature

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Thanks to the need to professionalize the sector and optimize activities in order to improve the organization's internal processes, technology for HR has been increasingly used.

The Human Resources area is responsible for several tasks and its professionals end up not being able to dedicate themselves as much as they would like and should to people management. Therefore, it is essential to seek solutions that facilitate your processes so that there is more efficiency in the activities.

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Business Intelligence

In summary, it can be said that Business Intelligence basically works like the human brain in the constant collection of data. The difference is that the system processes and transforms this information into something that has applicable meaning.

Starting from the behavior of the human mind itself, the process serves to collect, organize, analyze, share and monitor the data obtained by the company, with the objective of helping management in decision-making, in addition to pointing out the need for changes.

Business intelligence seeks to transform data into useful information, facilitating the creation of strategies for each sector of the company. It also makes it possible to discover patterns, identify trends and reveal behaviors.

As it is a broad practice, Business Intelligence is segmented into specific processes for the different sectors of the company, and for the HR area the most used is People Analytics.

In this case, the collection and analysis of the data obtained focus directly on generating value for the organization's human capital.

From there, data can be easily shared with other departments, which promotes more consistent communication, where everyone speaks the same language and has access to the same information.

Business Intelligence can still be applied to HR in three practical ways:

  • recruitment: the data collected allows the manager to establish more clearly what is the ideal profile of employee for the company;
  • talent retention: employee reports can help in research that seeks to understand the reasons why some talents leave their positions;
  • performance: the reports also allow you to identify the best and worst performances within the organization.

Management and performance software

With the use of available technologies, people management becomes more efficient, as it is easier and more practical to perform tasks, such as: the preparation of job and salary plans, recruitment and selection, preparation of the payroll and task management.

Thus, HR managers can better plan the career progression of employees and point out growth prospects within the company — which results in more motivated professionals.

The use of software to help operational processes not only promotes agility and quality in tasks, but also facilitates the analysis of team performance.

Some systems offer the storage of information about the performance of each employee so that performance evaluations can be carried out. From there, the company knows who is excelling and who needs to improve their results.

This data is useful for creating incentive programs and for pointing out the need for investment in development and training.

Behavioral profile mapping

Another interesting software for the HR area is the one that allows the complete mapping of the candidates' behavioral profile in a recruitment and selection process.

This feature makes it possible to monitor the performance of professionals and identify which ones are most suitable for the company's organizational culture. In this way, it is possible to direct candidates to the role most compatible with each profile.

The main advantage of this type of software is the reduction in the time spent on hiring and, consequently, in the reduction of the cost of the selection process.

The correct identification of the behavioral profile and the adjustment of this character to the function to be performed favor a high level of productivity and, as a result, a drop in the level of turnover.

Social networks

It is not new that inside and outside companies social networks provide engagement between people. But it is worth saying that these means of communication continue to grow in importance for the HR area.

Currently, large companies have been hiring through the social network LinkedIn. Many have also created fanpages on Facebook to attract professionals. The idea is to publicize vacancies and create a communication channel with candidates.

Another very common strategy has been the creation of blogs with posts about the company, success stories and information about its processes.

The ease of interaction and proximity to potential employees allow for a more agile and effective recruitment.

Another great advantage of the good use of social networks for the recruitment and selection process is the possibility of extracting in these places a greater amount of information about a candidate's behavioral profile.

What can be concluded is that using available technologies, associated with conventional processes, results in an improvement for both employers and professionals looking for a job.

As it was possible to see, technological solutions have much to add to the Human Resources area, contributing to people management and facilitating processes. Just look for simple, intelligent, easy-to-use systems that promote well-targeted results.

Interested in learning more about these tools? Has your company been optimizing processes using technology for HR? Share your experiences with us in the comment space!


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