Technology in recruitment and selection: how to use it to optimize processes

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Technology in recruitment and selection: how to use it to optimize processes

Table of Contents

Does your company use technology in recruiting and selection?

All areas of your company have optimized processes, but when it comes to recruiting, do you continue with the same old formulas?

Many companies intend to increase their workforce, but care must be taken, as hiring has a very large impact on business success, whether positive or negative.

To begin with, we believe that the HR is a business partner and plays a vital role in the company. That said, we can consider recruiting an extremely strategic action.

A successful hiring can increase team morale and productivity, improve the relationship with customers and suppliers, maintain a healthier organizational climate and ensure continuity of knowledge in the company.

But what do we mean by optimizing recruitment processes?

We are talking about:

  • process automation;
  • reduction of process execution time;
  • cut spending on hiring;
  • greater assertiveness in the process;
  • reduced turnover cost;
  • implementation of an intelligence that will contribute to different areas of the business, among other advantages.

Do you want to understand a little better how technology in recruiting and selection can help you bring all these benefits to your company? Check out! 😉

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Technology in recruitment and selection for people management

Traditionally, HR is a department that does not invest in technology in recruitment and selection.

However, with the growing recognition of the strategic importance of people management, companies are opening their eyes to software and online platforms that can streamline processes, automate tasks and contribute to business success.

One survey conducted with 368 UK residents companies revealed that 68.5% of them intend to increase the HR budget in 2017.

Among the main investment focuses are the hiring of Training and Qualification tools and software, technology for Recruitment and selection and Performance Evaluation.

In other words, there is a concern with optimizing management processes considering the competitive advantage that this will bring to the company.

Tools to automate recruiting and selection

Okay, we say that companies are looking to increase their investment in tools to automate recruiting and selection.

But like these software and online platforms can they actually contribute to increasing the assertiveness of their hires while decreasing HR's investment in time and money?

Let's give some examples of features of the 99jobs for Business that will answer this question.

Candidate Management Filters

When you register an opportunity at 99jobs you create filters of skill, experience and cultural fit requirements.

As people apply for the job, they are automatically sorted according to these filters.

In other words, the best candidates according to your needs, who meet all requirements and have a greater cultural fit with your company, will be at the top of your ranking.

This greatly facilitates the work of the recruiter, who will be able to dedicate more time to candidates who are really within the profile of the position and the company.

The Importance of Value Tests

The big secret of the prosperity of companies like the Google, Microsoft and Facebook is in their organizational cultures.

And, to ensure the success of new hires and the continuity of this climate, they are betting on people who have cultural fit with the company, which would be “when there is a congruence between the norms and values ​​of an organization and a person”, according to psychologist Adrian Furnham, author of The Psychology of Behavior at Work.

A great way to know if candidates' values ​​and attitudes match your company's culture is submit them to a value test.

99jobs offers this functionality for companies that use its platform to hire – it's called 99match, a test of values ​​that reflects whether or not a candidate is a match for your position.

Online tests – engagement and practicality

The testing stage no longer needs to be in person. This means “winning” precious time that would be invested in organizing a room and monitoring the application of tests.

Online tests today, often integrated into hiring platforms, offer customized questions for each process, with different levels of difficulty according to the needs of the position.

Leave the email and the spreadsheet!

Email and spreadsheet are the two great companions of a recruiter. And, for a long time, they have masterfully served to ensure the communication and analysis of data from the selection processes.

However, we know how these two resources can make even more work for recruiters, as they can get lost on the computer, on the server or even generate some difficulty to be efficiently archived.

Ideally, for the optimization of recruitment processes, it is the centralization of communication and data analysis in the same technology for recruitment and selection.

This will allow you to more easily follow conversations with candidates at each stage and analyze not only the current process but also access past history in a very practical way.

It may sound silly, but every minute you spend looking for an old email or spreadsheet is a minute less when you're dedicated to the strategic part of recruiting.

Be strategic and plan all your actions

Planning for an opportunity is the first step in ensuring the hiring is a success. And, more than that, having all the definitions at hand will ensure that you work the job much more optimally.

It's no use starting a process without knowing the candidate profile you are looking for, how many and what steps you will take to evaluate applicants, where and how you will advertise the opportunity, etc.

Without that in hand, the recruiter will work with a generic sense of who needs to hire and how to do it, and the result can be a wrong hire and a lot of wasted HR time.

Learn to advertise like an advertiser

The effectiveness of disclosure of your opportunity it can also streamline your recruiting process. A lot of people still think that the more people that are impacted by the advertisement of their vacancy, the better.

In fact, the more people outside the profile who apply, the more unnecessary work you'll have to screen. Do you want to have 100 candidates or just the 10 that best fit your company?

That's why our recommendation at these times is to think like a publicist. Define who your target audience is and target your communication to them.

Discover the channels where they are. If you're looking, for example, for FEI-trained engineers, look for Facebook groups wherever they are.

Facebook Ads are also worth betting on, as they allow you to segment your audience and only reach people with the profile you are looking for.

Invest in employer branding

Employer Branding is the most effective way to attract talent long-term.

When your strategy is working perfectly, the results will be truly amazing:

  • more candidates with your company profile;
  • more motivating work environment;
  • greater employee engagement;
  • decrease in turnover!

According to a study by Employer Branding Global Trends 2014, employer branding strategies:

  • reduce recruitment cost by 33%;
  • increase engagement by 47%;
  • improve the quality of candidates by 33%;
  • improve retention by 41%.

In other words, this is a great wood to optimize your selection processes.

Make a process based on data

second one LinkedIn search, recruiters using big data in HR are twice as likely to improve their hiring efforts and are three times more likely to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their selection processes.

In other words, this is an effective way to optimize recruitment. This means reducing the time to fill opportunities and being much more assertive when hiring.

Combine data from multiple sources. Your employee management software, a performance evaluation tool, your online hiring platform.

All of them will provide you with valuable information that you can use to optimize your recruiting processes.

These are some of the benefits of data for recruiting.

  1. use data to define the ideal candidate profile for your company;
  2. mapping a candidate base in search of the talents that best fit the opportunity;
  3. monitor subscriber metrics in the process and create a history of information about your selection processes to further improve and optimize your next hires.

Automate bureaucratic processes

Okay, your process is round, automated and optimized. Then you choose the perfect candidate and, if the proposal is accepted, you need to complete the contract.

That's where the piles of forms, papers, meetings with the selected appear to combine those details that everyone already knows. In other words, it's no use having a perfect process if you have a bottleneck in your hiring bureaucracy, right?

In the same way that technology in recruiting and selection came to optimize the selection process, the same happens with admission.

Applications like HR Consultant UK can allow hiring to be done in a much more agile, connected and integrated way.

Today, the new employee can send documents by cell phone, without having to take all those copies and go to the office so many times.

While the personnel department monitors everything closely and has the ability to send it to finance with just one click. 😉

This post was prepared for the HR Consultant UK Blog by 99jobs. 99jobs is a platform to assist in the strategies for disclosing opportunities and selecting people who are passionate about what they do. It also has a series of tools aimed at Employer Branding!


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