That way you will find the time and energy for knowledge development

That way you will find the time and energy for knowledge development

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If you choose a career in Human Resources, chances are you are doing because you want to mean something to the people in a company. You can empathize with others, you can respond to situations and you are always looking for a connection with everyone within the company, as we wrote earlier. In practice, you often have to deal with all kinds of administrative hassle and hassle, leaving you less and less time for your core tasks. And then you also have to worry about knowledge development.

Cuffs and bind

An attractive employer invests in captivating and retaining its staff. A wide range of training courses helps with this. But as an HR manager you can of course already see the storm coming. Who can keep track of who does which training? Who should ensure that contracts and agreements with new training providers are arranged? And who ensures that there is control over the progress of the employees? However much you would like to contribute to the personal development of the employees and how well you know that growth of the employees means that the company also grows, you simply do not have the time for it.

Get rid of bears

By choosing a good, adult learning platform you can deal with these bears on the road. Not only do you save time and do not have to invent the wheel yourself, it also allows you to focus on what you are good at. Moreover, a flexible learning environment can facilitate different learning forms. In this way you can also ensure that your people can continue to learn in economically difficult times, by switching to, for example, e-learning and internal – online – knowledge sessions. The costs of this are usually also a lot lower.

HR Consultant UK learning platform

The HR Consultant UK platform offers a choice of 4,000+ training courses via the Learning Market Place without having to make agreements with all individual providers of online training. Our learning platform is designed in such a way that everything is accessible within a few clicks. Each user is provided with smart dashboards with extensive information about the progress – of yourself or your team, and with a learning path you map out a clear and goal-oriented path to success.

Curiosity aroused?

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