The 4 benefits of knowledge development

The 4 benefits of knowledge development

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Everyone will agree that it is important that your employees continue to develop. There is no doubt that it is of strategic value to the organization. But what exactly are the benefits? In this blog we discuss the four most important.

1 Competitive Advantage

By making a strategic choice as an organization for knowledge development and creating a culture in which continuous learning is part of its DNA, your performance will improve and you can deal with changes faster and more flexibly. A higher level of knowledge of employees has a direct, positive impact on matters such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, efficiency and on turnover. A learning organization is thus demonstrably more successful and will make the difference in the future.

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2 Better onboarding

By storing knowledge of employees in a central platform, you can easily share knowledge within the organization. Among other things, this can help make the onboarding process of new employees run more smoothly. Create a digital onboarding path that consists of essential training courses, knowledge sessions from colleagues, interesting webinars, important internal documents and inspiring videos. This way your new employees are quickly up-to-speed and you cover the individual part of the induction procedure professionally.

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3 Employer branding and employee satisfaction

Attracting talent is important. Retaining that talent is even more important if possible. By ensuring a positive employee journey – the journey that employees make within your organization from the moment they first have contact with the organization to the point that they leave the organization – you keep your employees optimally involved in your organization. Direct valuation is crucial in this. This does not necessarily have to be expressed in the form of salary or compliments, but by taking your employees seriously, giving them responsibility, recognizing their talents and offering them the opportunity to further develop those talents. In this way you invest in the strengths of your people, they become even better at what they are good at and that motivates them. This way your grass stays nice and green.

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4 It yields hard Pounds

A learning mindset and fast and flexible access to up-to-date knowledge are the basic conditions for enabling business innovations. Nevertheless, investments in knowledge development are still seen as ‘lost' money in many organizations. Making tangible what knowledge development actually delivers is difficult, but certainly possible. Research shows that continuous knowledge development leads to an increase in employee productivity of 37 percent and an increase in turnover of an average of ten percent. Employee turnover is down by seven percent. In our whitepaper you will find a number of concrete calculation examples.
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