The 6 outstanding characteristics of the companies of the future

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The 6 outstanding characteristics of the companies of the future

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Companies of the future are organizations that are not frightened by changes in the market. On the contrary: they invest in solutions, modify their processes and differentiate themselves from the competition. At the moment, this means adapting and integrating with the main technological solutions in the market, adding more value to their respective brands.

Every generation comes with innovations. This was the case, for example, when electric power started to revolutionize the means of production – or even steam engines, which influenced industrial Revolution.

The digital transformation follows the same path, requiring that the HR and company management seek to anticipate demands, innovate its processes and, also, respond to the natural challenges of these constant changes. Those who manage to balance themselves on these pillars can take their place among the main companies of the future.

This is because the market, as a whole, is open to new experiences and the adaptation of the work flow to the technologic solutions. But the companies of the future is that they will dictate new directions and differentiate themselves in their field of activity.

Do you want to know more about the subject? So, continue reading this post, where we will highlight the 6 outstanding characteristics of the companies of the future!

The importance of being among the companies of the future

Think: due to technological advent, many organizations – regardless of their niche or size – have taken on more productivity and employee engagement, and using less resources in the process.

As a result, the level of excellence and profitability have grown. Issues that may have been perceived by consumers and thus the companies of the future differentiated themselves.

This, in itself, already delivers the evident benefit of being one of the companies of the future your sector: there are relevant aspects internally and externally. And, in order for you to find out if you are part of this select group, start by evaluating how your enterprise organizes the house, to add more value to customers, below we will identify 6 characteristics of this type of organization!

So, you can check which items are already part of your Corporate DNA, and which ones can be incorporated!

The 6 characteristics of the companies of the future

1. They are more aware

Sustainability is a term that tends to awaken the consumer interest, who are aware of the responsibility that the companies from which they consume products or services have towards nature.

For this, the example can start internally. With technological solutions making use of less paper, on a daily basis, the waste of resources is less. In addition, companies of the future deal with campaigns that contribute to the awareness of employees. Some examples:

  • attention to the waste of electrical energy;
  • encouraging the use of mugs instead of plastic cups;
  • external and voluntary campaigns with actions that focus on maintaining the environment.

It is also worth noting that the companies of the future are concerned, precisely, with tomorrow – and that includes not only its position in the market, in the medium and long term, but in the whole society around the enterprise.

2. Your innovation cycles are shorter

O traditional cycle of the global economy tends to follow the following flow:

  • prosperity;
  • contraction;
  • recession;
  • recovery.

With the digital transformation, this cycle started to be covered with more agility. An example: during the 1960s, the most valuable companies in the world, according to the S&P 500, remained on that list for about 60 years. Nowadays, this average revolves around two decades, only.

This means that organizations must seek the innovation continuously to remain competitive. Access to Big Data analytical technologies, and management software, allows for the data integration so that decision-making is surgical, and always focused on the brand development.

With less space for betting, companies of the future they have to be ahead investing quickly and accurately. Mainly, at a time when technological solutions themselves have a shorter life cycle than it did a few decades ago.

3. Greater connection with customers and potential consumers

Technologies, such as social networks, have put companies on a new level of relationship with potential customers and consumers. Not only have they approached these people, but users are looking for greater interactivity.

Thus, the companies of the future are present where your target audience focuses. More than that: they must participate, encourage engagement and be part of the routine of these people who constantly check their cell phones and are always looking for relevant and differentiated content.

4. Greater connection with your employees

In the same vein as the previous topic, the companies of the future they also care more about their most valuable assets: the company's human resources.

For this, the investment in technologies that facilitate the productivity of professionals is quite a differentiator. But, above that, we can also highlight some high impact solutions, such as:

By automating mechanical and repetitive processes – such as management software can do for your HR – your employees can use your work time more efficiently, reducing bureaucratic processes and thereby obtaining more motivation to grow internally.

With these actions, the companies of the future they get closer to employees, add more to their reputation and can, consequently, value the retention and attraction of talents.

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5. The creation of new business models

HR and leaders should be asked to be inspired by big names in the market who are looking for new models to easily adapt to the dynamism of the Digital age.

Do you find it difficult to understand how this works? So, think that the fintechs they came with strength because they understood, in advance, where society was being guided based on this relationship with new technologies.

Therefore, companies of the future they know that they can’t settle anywhere: they’re constantly dissatisfied, always looking for a new way to do their job.

6. Adopt flexibility to your work model

New management models are essential to effectively dialogue with those who were born in the Digital Age or experienced their childhood in this time of change – cases of generation Z and millennials.

A good way to do this is investing less in infrastructure and more in technologies that make the company more mobile and flexible. Thus, employees can work more remotely, they can contribute expertise directly from the street (accessing the company's systems directly from the smartphone) and adding total mobility for your organization to work from anywhere, anytime.

This also helps with internal motivation, since digital collaborators are driven by that kind of innovation. The company's culture has to be fully aligned with the new social molds, seeking to offer the best for all generations, but already thinking about what can – and will – work in the medium and long term.

Do you want to know, now, how you can take a definitive step to be among the companies of the future? Share this post on your social networks, and mark co-workers who will also be inspired by the tips contained in this article!



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