The absolute necessity of Continuous Learning in 2021

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continu leren

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The digital, technological developments in the world cannot be stopped and are passing at lightning speed. Although this is a wonderful development, it is also a difficult one from the perspective of knowledge development.

The developments can hardly be kept up to date.

This also means that a diploma or certificate already quickly loses value and has actually been nothing more than a successful snapshot. Because already during the completion of a study or training, in nine out of ten cases there is knowledge acquired that is again (strongly) outdated. Moreover, organizations are wondering aloud what the added value of conventional training and further training is.

What does the acquired but now outdated knowledge actually add to the organization?

Choosing to learn as a continuous process

Whether you can do something about this as an organization?

Of course, by choosing the process called continuous learning.

This way of gathering knowledge offers employees in the field of IT, in particular, additional knowledge and skills, continuously and every day, and enables them to continuously develop their skills.

In the IT world it is essential to keep up.

But it can be much better …

You do much better to get ahead of the competition, which is particularly fierce in this industry.

Continuous acquisition of new knowledge is appropriate in a world where innovation is no longer special, but above all very necessary.

Today you cannot sail in the wind of yesterday, so every organization will have to develop skills and find and offer interesting process-based, technical and online opportunities to make the process of constant learning part of the company's DNA.

The conviction, not the instruments

IT employees now also realize that knowledge development in IT must be a continuous process and can no longer be wrapped up in training and courses that were outdated before the start.

Although the majority of IT employees are therefore in favor of the continuous knowledge gathering process only slightly more than five percent actually have the facilities to continuously gain knowledge and improve skills.

In the meantime, research (read the Whitepaper here) has shown that the process of continuous learning can also mean a lot for the organization.

What about ten percent more turnover and an increase in employee productivity by just under 40 percent?

With these figures, the continuous acquisition of knowledge undoubtedly gets also support from the management of a company, which is after all quite willing to invest in its personnel, but demonstrably wants to profit from it itself.

In other words:

What does all that extra knowledge and skills yield to the organization?

With the figures mentioned, the critics of training and continuous learning will undoubtedly also be ‘turned around'.

Increasing the ability to change

The process of continuously gaining knowledge has – proven – also means a considerable increase in customer and employee satisfaction and increases the so-called capacity for change.

This ability to change is essential for any business that future-proof wants to be and stay that way. W.

the fact that the leadership within every organization will certainly also be on is the fact that the costs decrease because the processes can be carried out considerably more efficiently and, above all, much cheaper.

Important: The chance that employees will be able to deal with the challenges that the IT industry and the organization will present in the future will increase by almost sixty percent.

HR Consultancy as part of daily routine

Every HR department of every organization should finally also be convinced by the recent surveys that every day should be part of the daily routine of employees.

It must become self-evident, a continuous process. A continuous process of learning. Not out of luxury, but simply because this is a dire necessity in a world that is constantly changing.

HR Consultant UK helps

We dare to promise that we are the partner for organizations to make continuous learning a success. Would you like more information about the importance of continuous learning? Or perhaps curious how you can convince management of the importance of this?

Request an exploratory meeting without any obligation.

Costs nothing, yields a lot!



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