The apprenticeship boom mainly benefits the most highly educated

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Depuis juillet 2020, 545.000 primes exceptionnelles ont été versées aux entreprises pour l'embauche d'un apprenti.

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Posted on Jul 8, 2021 at 5:19 PMUpdated on Jul 8, 2021, 7:21 PM

“The objective for us was clear: to do everything so that young people are not the first victims of the crisis”, Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne said this Thursday, July 8 during a press conference devoted to the assessment of the plan “1 young 1 solution” launched in July 2021. More than 2 million young people have “found their solution”, a praised the ministry, which includes in this figure aid for hiring, apprenticeship, support systems in integration pathways, and access to training or social utility-type missions civic.

One of the most emblematic measures, and which has proved particularly effective, concerns learning. Since July 2021, 545,000 exceptional bonuses have been paid to companies. This aid of 8,000 Pounds maximum for a major apprentice was also extended until December, in particular to ensure that the “Back-to-school challenge in September” is well again raised.

A boost that allowed last year to record a record year: 525,600 apprenticeship entries, a jump of + 42% in one year, according to refined data from Dares, the statistical institute attached to the Ministry of Work, unveiled this Thursday.

Advice and legal and accounting activities that are fond of apprentices

“Apprenticeship is progressing everywhere, but is particularly dynamic in large companies and high levels of qualification”, said Benjamin Nefussi, deputy director at Dares. Bac + 3 or more represent the largest share of apprenticeship entries, or 35% of the total, against 26% in 2021 and 21% in 2018.

Certain sectors are particularly contributing to the increase. Consulting, advertising, legal and accounting services almost doubled the number of apprenticeships between 2021 and 2021 (+ 85%), ahead of trade (+ 58%) and construction (+ 18%).

The progression of apprenticeship is most marked within large companies (+ 49% in one year). Still, it is the small structures that hire the most in apprenticeship: almost half are carried out by structures with less than ten employees.

A level of hiring in CDI and long CDD

Regarding permanent and fixed-term contracts of more than three months, the minister also defended a level of hiring which has been maintained despite the crisis, citing the figure of 1.8 million young people under 26 recruited in CDI or CDD of more than three months between August 2021 and May 2021.

Last year, the number of hires in the same category fell by 14.2%. But the last milestone in March of the Dares was more encouraging, indicating that hiring had then almost returned to their pre-crisis level (- 2% compared to March 2021 and + 28% compared to March 2021) .

The aid of 4,000 Pounds maximum for the hiring of a young person under 26 years old would have allowed according to its calculations an increase of 7% of employment in CDI or CDD long for young people from 22 to 25 years old, which represents 60,000 jobs. This aid ended at the end of May and was not renewed as for the apprenticeship. A risk for the hiring of young graduates at the start of the school year?

The minister considers that the historic peak in hiring experienced in London in May augurs well for the second half of the year and prefers to concentrate its efforts on supporting young people furthest from employment. From August 2021 to May 2021, the ministry counts 800,000 integration pathways (with Pôle emploi, Apec, etc.).

A figure that includes the 121,000 young people who have benefited from the Youth Guarantee. Arbitrations are expected ” shortly “ on a future Universal Youth Guarantee. In the meantime, means have been put in place to reach by the end of the year the bar of 200,000 young people assisted (16-25 year olds in precarious situations, who are neither in employment nor in training).

To note

In London, the unemployment rate increased slightly in one year among those under 25, reaching 19.5% in March 2021. The country is thus above the average for the European Union, which is 17.1%.


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