The best actions aimed at quality of life at work

The best actions aimed at quality of life at work

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To have actions focused on quality of life at worko are important for the growth of any company. After all, employees happy and motivated they are indispensable for the development of any corporation.

the implementation of benefits must not only comply with the budget, but also meet to the needs of employees. In this way, it will significantly improve the environment in order to promote increased productivity and retention.

In this post, we will mention some factors that affect this quality of life and what can be done to improve it. Follow us!

What are actions aimed at quality of life at work?

At actions focused on quality of life at work seek to meet the needs of employees in professional and personal aspects.

The company seeks to offer the best possible conditions for work, with benefits that provide a more positive organizational environment, well-being and productivity.

What factors are harmful to the work environment?

Several aspects can be considered when assessing the quality of the Desktop. We highlight the most harmful.

Unreachable goals

Goal setting is an excellent motivator, which helps the team to understand where it should go and the efforts that should be employed for that goal.

However, when these goals are unattainable, end up discouraging employees and making them less willing to work. What negatively affects the quality of life for everyone.

Tense environment

One tense environment is the definition of a place with a bad organizational climate and that harms the quality of life.

A number of factors can cause this negative environment, such as bad leadership, lack of recognition, among others.

THE physical structure of the site it is also important. The environment must be adequate, clean and at an appropriate temperature, without distractions. The furniture should favor ergonomics and comfort.

Relationships are also important in a good work environment. A place where human connections are bad certainly makes it difficult for people to spend 8 hours a day in that place.

Exaggerated competitiveness

O over-competitiveness it is linked to the quality of the environment and directly affects the motivation and comfort of employees.

Many managers still see this rivalry as something positive, which will make employees strive for the best results.

However, this is a misconception, since in an environment where there is extreme competition what we see most is one trying to overtake the other. This translates into a number of failures and faults, rather than solutions.

One place where work is collaborative it is much more dynamic and productive. Colleagues seek to solve problems and this translates into innovation and better results.

Excess of work

Ensuring a rest period is essential to maintain the health and motivation of professionals.

When people start giving up basic things to keep working, like sleeping, leisure and eating times, this habit becomes unsustainable and affects the quality of life in an extreme way.

One study carried out by the Department of Law and Labor Protection concluded that more than 8 hours of work per day significantly reduces the health and capacity of employees.

How to stimulate the quality of life at work?

Miscellaneous actions focused on quality of life at work can be implemented by the company. We highlight 4 that can be applied in any type of organization. Check out!

1. Health and wellness programs

The company can promote actions focused on improving the quality of life, which seek to increase well-being among professionals.

These programs have numerous advantages, from the increased productivity, reduced stress and greater employee retention.

In addition, organizations that invest in this type of initiative are well regarded by professionals, which increases the employer branding and it becomes a differentiator.

Among the actions that can be taken, the one that stood out the most in the market is the On Demand Salary.

What is on-demand pay?

The CareerBuilder survey, conducted in 2017, attested that 78% of respondents are barely able to settle accounts with their salary.

In addition, of the more than 3,000 respondents, about ¾ of them also attested that they have one or more accumulated debts. Clear sign that something needs to be changed, do you agree?

O on-demand salary it is a modality that has been gaining strength in the market and aims to add flexibility so that employees receive for hours worked, but not yet paid. Something that alleviates many of the financial problems – and those generated by the challenges of closing accounts.

Let's look at a simple example: if the company has the habit of making payments for its human resources only on the 30th, or on the fifth business day of each month, professionals are limited to that.

If a pending account is going to earn interest in that period when there is no more money in the account, the debts accumulate. However, with the offer of salary on demand, the professional can receive payment for days already worked whenever he wants. Best of all, he has the flexibility to plan his month.

We recommend that you read this article to better understand on-demand pay. In it you will understand the functionalities of the HR Consultant UKy, a corporate benefit of payments on demand.

2. Professional recognition

Professional recognition is another key aspect for promote quality of life in the company.

Praising, offering bonuses and publicly identifying a job well done makes all the difference in the feeling of belonging and appreciation of the professionals.

Another important strategy is to structure a career guidance, which makes the professional more focused and able to work with more motivation and commitment.

3. Flexibility of working hours

Working hours are one of the most important points for the quality of life.

Fulfilling business hours often means facing hours of traffic and have productivity impaired by the stress that this routine causes.

To get around this problem, you can propose a flexible workday or even remote work, so that the employee can develop his tasks from where he sees fit.

This type of benefit increases free time and allows greater contact with the family, increasing satisfaction.

4. Internal communication

Good internal communication significantly improves the organizational climate and consequently, the quality of life.

The company must make all actions and changes clear to employees, establishing a relationship of trust and transparency.

Employees should also feel free to make suggestions and report problems. Preventing this type of dialogue will only make it happen in a parallel way through the corridors, harming the environment a lot.

The leadership must also be trained to deal with people of different personalities and behaviors. One good management it is done horizontally, treating team members as collaborators and not as subordinates.

HR managers and teams must keep in mind that the priority is always to preserve the welfare and health (physical and mental) of its employees, even if it means more hires or investments.

It is a common mistake to think that the maximum working capacity of professionals should be extracted. Such behavior will only result in exhaustion and consequent drop in quality, absences and disconnections.

Therefore, planning and making feasible actions focused on quality of life at work it is so decisive for the expansion of a company. Think about what can be done in your organization and start to structure these benefits.

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