The best films about people management to inspire you

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The best films about people management to inspire you

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People management, without a doubt, is one of the points that requires greater attention from companies. Organizations that recognize the value of employees manage not only to retain them, but turn them into a company voice in the external environment.

But becoming a good manager is not an easy task and there are countless challenges. This professional seeks grow all the time, being an example to your team.

A good option is to be inspired by the cinema, with the best films about people management.

And to inspire you in the daily challenges to be a good manager, we have prepared a list with the best films about people management, with important and valuable professional lessons. Check out!

The 8 best people management films to inspire you

Movies tend not only to be a source of entertainment for people, butinema goes far beyond that.

His perspective can also be a source of inspiration and learning, always with a moral of the story that can generate great insights to the people.

Some movies can be base for managers. And those that stand out among the best films about people management are:

  1. Moneyball – The man who changed the game;
  2. Rocky;
  3. Looking for happiness;
  4. The devil Wears Prada;
  5. The imitation game;
  6. Thanks for smoking;
  7. Love without scales;
  8. Invictus.

Want to know more about each of them? Below we talk a little about each one and we highlight some points for you to be aware of. Look!

1. Moneyball – The Man Who Changed the Game (2012)

“But he needs to be successful to be confident. And how confident he is, it gives results.” (Moneyball movie quote).

moneyball tells the story of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) who is the manager of the baseball team Oakland Athletics. Billy creates a club stats program capable of exploiting the best skills of its athletes.

moneyball it comes to do away with the idea that just one person's weaknesses are enough to make him fail.

Billy had few resources on hand, but he doesn't address the club's problem of hiring rejected players on other teams. he bets on skills and strengths of each.

Assessing the characteristics and abilities of each team member, he can enhance the performance of your athletes.

In reality, for companies, valuing only what is bad in the team can impede the growth of your organization.

Now if the manager creates an ability to look ahead, betting on the strengths of its employees, the chances of success are much bigger.

Billy had little, but he was innovative and game-changing. And what are you doing to change your company's game?

2. Rocky (1976)

“No one will hit as hard as life. However, it's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward. This is how victory is achieved.” (Quote from the movie Rocky).

The film starring Sylvester Stallone tells the story of Rocky boxer, who is challenged by the world champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

Even though I'm not a famous fighter, Rocky sets out to beat him through work and professional dedication.

rocky is one of the greatest classics in cinema and a great example of motivation, professional dedication and courage to move forward in the face of challenges. The business world is often the reality experienced by the boxer.

The downfall sometimes seems inevitable in a professional career, but it's up to us to create the strength to get up and move on. And what is the role of the manager in this? Total. A good manager has power over the team and is willing to motivate them on a daily basis.

Rocky is a born leader, a handful motivator and managers can take your skill as an example to engage the team.

The employee who sees that the manager is with him, regardless of the result, actually wears the company's shirt.

3. In search of happiness (2006)

“Never let anyone tell you they can't do something. If you have a dream you have to go after it. People can't win and they say you won't win either. If you want something, go for it.” (Quote from the movie Looking for happiness).

The movie starring Will Smith tells the true story of the single father Chris Gardner. After losing his job, Gardner must intersperse his life between an unpaid internship and living in shelters with his son.

Looking for happiness is an impactful and overcoming film. A life lesson and professional dedication that puts you on the list with the best films about people management.

An inspiration for the company/manager, where he presents examples of the importance of believing in people's potential and the challenge of polishing them.

And without a doubt it is a class for professionals in general in the sense of resilience and perseverance in the face of such a cruel and competitive job market.

4. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

“Everyone wants to be like us!” (Quote from the movie The Devil wears Prada).

Starring Meryl Streep (Miranda Priestly) and Anne Hathaway (Andrea Sachs), the devil wears prada its between the best films about people management.

The feature closely follows the daily life of a young woman hired by the biggest fashion magazine in New York.

A film that represents a lot the corporate reality who have toxic bosses and a disruptive work environment. This is even the main point of analysis for the manager in this film.

Do you somehow realize the impacts that a bad work environment have about your team. Thinking that your company is the best is not always the truth, which is why it is so important to leave the door open to know the employees' opinion.

The devil Wears Prada it well represents points such as competitiveness and overwork as obstacles in the search for the engagement of employees with the company. Wearing out the team and demotivating them daily by bad organizational climate.

After watching the movie, ask yourself: Does my company have many Mirandas on the front lines? How is my environment? These are mandatory questions to ask when you as the manager are finished watching the movie.

5. The imitation game (2014)

“Have you ever won a war? I have. And do you know how this is done? Order, discipline, chain of command.” (Sentence from the movie The Imitation Game).

The film is based on the story of mathematician Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch). During World War II, Turing needs to create a machine that can break the puzzle, famous code that was used by the Germans to send messages to their submarines.

The Imitation Game it is a mandatory stop for the manager who wants to understand the importance of teamwork. Turing he was a difficult person, antisocial in the extreme, but he realized that depended on other skills to put his plan into practice..

Often within the company, the manager ends up valuing one or another employee and does not realize that need everyone to achieve success in the company. Also, as said in the movie, it is necessary order, discipline and chain of command to the success.

The film shows exactly that: the importance of a commander so that the team does not give up in adversity. And how his positive influence on his peers will make everyone work hard to reach the goal.

without a doubt is between the best films about people management ever released.

6. Thanks for Smoking (2005)

“See, Joey, that's the beauty of the argument. If you argue correctly, you will never be wrong.” (Quote from the movie Thank you for smoking).

thanks for smoking tells the story of Aaron Eckhart (Nick Naylor), who is the spokesman for a major tobacco company. The film follows his daily struggle for keep her standing before the health watchers.

The film is full of lessons for managers and also for professionals who seek to impress the company with their dedication.

Taking away from the background of the film, which is support for tobacco, Nick is the pure representative of what is “wear the shirt” from the company.

He is fully dedicated to defending the organization's values ​​and culture in the face of the market. Showing that argumentation is one of the best tools to convince customers that your company has the best product.

On the other hand, it shows the organization's duty to convey the real importance and impact that managers can have on their employees.

It is crucial in today's world that the company is able to pass its mission, vision and values, so that everyone can follow exactly the paths the company wants.

7. Love Without Scales (2009)

“Make no mistake, your relationships are the biggest components in your life. Do you feel the straps cutting into your shoulders? All these negotiations and discussions, secrets and compromises. You don't need to carry all that weight. Why don't you put that backpack on the ground?” (Quote from the movie Amor without scales).

The feature film starring George Clooney tells the story of Ryan Bingham, whose function in the company is to fire people.

Occupying the list with thes best movies about people management he brings insights about the importance of professional development in the current market.

Knowledge management, compensation and executive strategy are some of the main points that the film addresses.

Faced with the challenges of the crisis, it is necessary that many managers look beyond the financial and value the intellectual value of the team. For that, it can be a differential to change the organization's results.

In addition, the film leaves several lessons on the importance of preparation for the leader. Ryan needed to fire people and his knowledge, certainly coming in the form of qualification and training, gave him the tools to always act in a professional and respectful way.

O good manager it's what prepares, it's what sets an example. It is the one who always acts ethically, paying attention to the well-being of its employees. love without scales it certainly ranks among the best films about people management.

8. Invictus (2009)

“Things change. And we have to change with them.” (Sentence from the movie Invictus).

Invictus is based on the true story of South Africa Rugby Team, led by Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), whose mission is to unite the people through sport in the face of the challenge that their country has with the newly elected Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman).

Source of inspiration in achieving goals. Invictus has a prominent place with the best films about people management.

Never giving up on difficulties, the manager's influence over the team and the power to be flexible to change are some of the film's lessons.

Mandela pays special attention to pienaar, which in this case is all listening to your boss, listening and accepting your feedback to grow. And not only that, pienaar as a team leader, you have the mission of passing on your learning, influencing the commanded.

Both Mandela and Pienaar demonstrate a great management capacity. That's because they assess everyone individually, taking into account differences and consequently improving skills to enhance team productivity.

And this is the role of the current manager. Even with the daily rush, it is necessary to look and get to know everyone on the team. A manager who is attentive to details, who does not only look at the macro, but at the needs of each member of his team, achieves good results.

Creativity helps to overcome everyday difficulties

Have a list with the best films about people management it could be the necessary inspiration your company was looking for.

It is not easy to live in a market where competition is so fierce and the mistake is almost unforgivable.

However, there are ways to overcome the difficulties. Whether through innovation or in moneyball or with motivation as in Rocky. Managers need to be creative to create tools that engage their team.

AND the best films about people management can serve as inspiration for developing strategies and creating insights that make a difference.

How about running to your TV right now and looking for the best movies about people management and learning from them? Leave a comment on our article and comment which movie left you a people management lesson.


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