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With the possible retraction of 3% of the UK residents GDP in 2016, the recovery of the economy is still unknown. In the wake of negative news that plague the country's financial health, different sectors of the market suffer constant drops in their demands, extinguishing jobs and increasing the challenge of doing more with less. Situations such as the recent mass layoffs in the naval hub of Rio Grande, where 3,200 workers lost their jobs, still threaten any outline of growth in the gaucho scenario and are examples of what is also happening in other segments of the nation.

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In view of this scenario, a common point interconnects all economic projections for 2017: the need to reinvent itself. The discourse may sound commonplace among so many analyses, but a clinical review is necessary to make better use of our resources, streamline processes and optimize results. Exercise is for everyone, without exception. As far as companies are concerned, the redesign of structures must be aligned with the periodic assessment of their teams. If there has been an average reduction recently to around 60% of the operation, in a possible resumption of growth there will be fear of investments due to uncertainties. This will require the use of intelligent solutions to meet demand without increasing costs, encouraging the engagement of teams through closer management.

As for the professionals who continue in their positions, next year will be a time to practice resilience and think about self-development. Phrases like “I'm not hired for this” are no longer acceptable. Regardless of the position they occupy in the hierarchy, the worker will have the mission of taking on new tasks, reinforcing the trend of multifunctional profiles. In times of crisis like this, it is important to understand the organization's difficulties and be open to internal changes, which can represent great opportunities for good ideas. Updating your capabilities and taking the lead on solutions will make a difference.

For those looking for a replacement in the market, in addition to resilience, 2017 will demand greater patience with increasingly longer and more rigorous selection processes. New market concepts will lead to a reduction in salaries, especially for more strategic positions – an estimated drop of 30% to 40% in earnings. And there will be no room for regrets. Companies are looking for qualified, experienced professionals who, above all, are prepared to act as business owners. Whoever arrives “buying the fight” at this moment, can be rewarded later on.

by Fábio Souza


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