The cities and countries where English speakers are the best paid

Et non, ce n'est pas Montréal... mais Toronto !

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Do you want to emigrate? And you would like to know the countries and cities where speaking English will be an asset on your CV? Or even a guarantee of salary increase?

The Preply language learning platform analyzed more than 1.5 million unfilled ads published online on the Adzuna search engine in mid-March 2022 with a view to finding out where English speakers are the most sought after and the most valued in 2022. In other words, Preply took a kind of “photo” of the ads and analyzed the data obtained.

At least 37,000 offers across the Atlantic

Of all the vacancies screened, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are the three countries in which the mention “English” appears most often in the requirements of the position to be filled.

In total, more than 37,000 job offers that require practice in English were published last March by companies across the Atlantic (including 21,000 in Canada and 16,000 in the United States – the first two in the ranking). More surprisingly, after the United Kingdom, Poland is the fourth country with the most ads of this kind (5,234).

In the details of the cities, unsurprisingly, London (which we used to say was the “sixth largest English city” in terms of the number of expatriates) is the one that offers the most jobs to English speakers. (5.046 – almost as many as Poland). Followed by Toronto (not Montreal) in second place. Excluding America and Europe, in fourth place goes to the city of Singapore with 594 published offers.

In terms of salaries, Canada, Austria and Italy are the countries where English language skills are best paid. Of the 1.5 million ads analyzed, the top of the income range starts at 109,000 Pounds per year in Canada and up to 19,200 Pounds in Poland. Figures to be put into perspective with the cost of living in the countries in question. When Molière competes with Shakespeare!

At the city level, the three most generous are Canadian: Toronto and Ottawa, followed by the American Chicago. On average, the salary for these English-speaking job offers varies between 137,575 Pounds and 103,780 Pounds per year.

According to a Preply spokesperson, this demand for English speakers is due to the fact that “these are cities that have a large English community and which, in general, are also very cosmopolitan”.


The basic data was extracted from the job search engine (with non-protected content) Adzuna, from which the intermediation platform Preply analyzed the available jobs requiring a second language.

With a starting list of more than 100 cities in 16 countries around the world, the platform searched for ads that mentioned the word “English” in the job title or description, for each location. It is impossible to know to date if these offers have been filled.

Note: the conversions of the different currencies were carried out on Google Conversion on May 17, 2022.


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