The Climate Fresco and its professional “frescoes”, an investigation of those who raise awareness on a large scale

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Pendant les 12 jours de la Conférence de Glasgow de 2021 sur les changements climatiques, 150 bénévoles de l'association animeront 260 Fresques du Climat.

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Posted on Oct. 30, 2021, 11:00 a.m.Updated Nov 12, 2021, 6:52 PM

22.8 kg versus 204 kg of CO2 emitted to make a London-Glasgow. Between the train and the plane, there is no photo for Léna Trutt, 27 years old. As for the 150 “frescoers” left for the COP26, which ended Friday, November 12 in the Scottish metropolis. All received the same email from the association La Fresque du climat with a comparative table of the different modes of transport. Persuasive.

But anyway, Léna is already convinced: “I haven't taken an airplane for several years. I would have gone there by bike, but I broke my leg before the summer, it's complicated ”. Better to keep your energy for the 12 days of conferences because with the 260 workshops planned by the association, there was a lot to do, especially since she took on a role of coach and coordinator with other volunteers. With more than 50 Climate Frescoes to her credit, the young engineer is one of the “alumni” of the association created at the end of 2018 by Cédric Ringenbach.

Between 500 and 1,000 professional frescoers

For three hours, it regularly brings together groups of people from various backgrounds to collectively make them understand the issues of climate change around the scientific work of the IPCC. All in three stages: reflection, creativity and discussion.

In barely three years, 235,000 people have been “frescoed” all over London. And that's just the beginning. At COP26, the association, which will communicate on a target of one million people sensitized by 2022, intends to accelerate its “Virality”. “With these figures, we are credible. What we did in three years in London, we can do at your place in one year ”, will hammer its DG Livio Lumbroso to the address of institutional actors.

The climate fresco is a “Positive virus that must be spread”. And for this, professional frescoers are revealed ” very useful “ : “It is a community which broadcasts very actively”. They would be between 500 and 1,000 in London to invoice the Fresque du climat to companies.

Among them, there is Léna, therefore, who launched her microenterprise in January 2021. On her LinkedIn, she indicates “Trainer, facilitator and Referent in the city of Rouen (Normandy) of La Fresque du Climat. Coordinator of the Climate Fresque “Back to School” program (for universities). Its main activity revolves around this famous fresco. Among his clients: a social landlord, a cosmetics company, town halls, a deputy who organized a Fresco in his constituency …

“The tool adapts to everyone”, assures the young woman who participated in her first fresco in April 2021. “I had just had a burnout. The dissonance between my values ​​and those of the consulting firm where I worked was too strong “, remembers the young woman. It was a few months later at the COP25 in Madrid that she ” fall in love “ of the tool by discovering its power with people who were not necessarily aware at the start. “This educational and participatory tool is certainly based on scientific knowledge, but it also leaves a lot of room for people and emotions, and does not let participants leave without the first courses of action. “

The “Eureka” moment

To believe those who have experienced it, we do not come out of the experience unscathed. It's a “Magical moment regardless of the bad news that emerges”, assures Livio Lumbroso.

A workshop of the Climate Fresco, where the facilitator intervenes as knowing and facilitator.  Its role is to punctuate the course of the workshop, clarify certain points and ensure good communication between the participants.

A workshop of the Climate Fresco, where the facilitator intervenes as knowing and facilitator. Its role is to punctuate the course of the workshop, clarify certain points and ensure good communication between the participants.Beatrice Ringenbach

“Everything made sense, confirms Harald Lhomme, referring to his first time, in May 2021. I had been interested in the climate issue for two years but these three hours of online workshop, confinement required, allowed me to synthesize and understand the links between all the issues. “ This young logistics consultant, like Léna, immediately follows the training (three hours again) to become animator of the Fresco. And joined the tribe of 10,000 animators of the Fresco. He animates many …

1,500 Pounds per Fresco in London on average

At the start, he had no other ambition than to lead a few on a voluntary basis. But at work, the climate has become worse. “Within the firm, a majority of consultants had just followed carbon footprint training, I suggested that we include it in our commercial offer, but this was not considered a priority”, remembers the young engineer.

Disappointed and more and more involved in parallel with the fresco animations, he decides, thanks to an unconfirmed trial period, to set up on his own, and to return to his native Burgundy.

Today, he charges around 1,000 Pounds for the animation of a Fresco, just like Léna in Rouen. In London, the service is rather 1,500 Pounds for 15 participants. Beyond that, you have to add other facilitators, and therefore the bill goes up, especially if you can add other services (framing, dedicated supports, debriefing, etc.). The Fresco is generally a “Trojan horse” to gain a foothold with the client and then sell other services, whether it be training, conferences or a carbon footprint, as is the case for Harald. “In addition to raising awareness, it unites teams, and offers a competitive advantage over other employers or other schools that do not offer it”, argues the young engineer.

“Some members of the association earn their living in part by offering to animate frescoes in companies and that does not pose a problem for us, quite the contrary”, can we read on the site. Provided that they respect the license (in creative commons) which obliges them to pay back 10% of the amount invoiced to the association and 20% if the association brings business.

“The volume of incoming requests is exponential, we are not able to respond favorably to all requests., explains Livio Lumbroso. So much the better if it can help some to make a living from it. The Fresco often allows them to initiate their own professional transition, by being more aligned with their values ​​”, fully assumes the CEO of the association.

An army of volunteers, more or less senior

The license does not provide for a ceiling or price scale for invoicing. So far, no feedback from organizations reporting problems or abuses has been identified, we are assured. The association is very structured and puts companies in contact with facilitators who have the highest level of skills. And if a company asks him about a consultant who offers a fresco service, he will give him his pedigree in complete transparency (the number of workshops animated, and if it has been evaluated by his peers, from belt level orange on the table below).

Of the 10,000 volunteers, there are 200 trainers with a green belt and around thirty instructors with a blue belt.  To win an orange belt, you must have been co-opted and observed by two green belts.

Of the 10,000 volunteers, there are 200 trainers with a green belt and around thirty instructors with a blue belt. To win an orange belt, you must have been co-opted and observed by two green belts.The Climate Mural

“If fresco artists can enhance their experience, so much the better. But I don't know anyone who manages to make a living entirely from this unique activity, even if for some it is an important part of their income ”, notes Livio Lumbroso.

A “care bear community”

Because in parallel with their paid missions, these professional fresco artists all lead workshops on a voluntary basis. For Anastasia Dereppe who created, with her companion, the company Essaim d'avenir, volunteer activity occupies 50% of her time, but she wishes to drop to 40% soon. She is an instructor, blue belt, the highest rank of the association.

“Beyond the fact that it is very enriching because we meet different people, volunteering makes us visible”, explains this Rennes Business School graduate, based in London. The couple manage to live well because they also give lessons, she at Audencia, he at HEC, but above all because they spend little. “We haven't bought anything new for four years. We have halved the rent by setting up a shared apartment, where we pool the costs together. What we have left are cultural outings and train trips ”, testifies the fresco.

A “life-changing catalyst”

Anastasia has done her accounts, she shows a net loss of income of only 20% compared to her previous life, when she was in charge of strategic studies at Le Bon Coin. “A great, committed company, in which I myself contributed to making things happen internally as an elected CSE, and by creating a group of 150 employees committed to the transformation. But that wasn't enough for me anymore ”, says Anastasia, who trained intensively for two years, in the evenings, on weekends while she was still an employee.

She took the leap of business creation, shortly after confinement, thanks to a period of partial unemployment. ” A liberation “. For her too, the Fresco was a “Life change catalyst”. A frugal life perhaps. But fulfilling.

“We are a caring community, we know each other, we help each other, testifies Léna, the Rouennaise. Often, at first, it is difficult to get paid. It takes time to deconstruct this idea that, no, just because it's in the public interest doesn't mean that it shouldn't cost anything. I am not an expert on the climate, but I am an expert in this game, and I bring my skills, and my time ”.

Time, these young frescoers, often have the impression to run out of it. More than money. All are living in this emergency. And Livio to sum up: “There are eight billion people to raise awareness, and it must be done as quickly as possible”.

To note

EDF is one of the 25 CAC 40 groups to have organized Climate Frescoes for their employees. Its CEO Jean-Bernard Levy is committed to raising awareness, by 2022, of the 165,000 employees of the company… with their own facilitators that the association will have trained.

“The objective is to empower organizations as much as possible so that it is the cheapest and fastest for them in terms of deployment”, explains Livio Lumbroso, CEO of the association.


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