The company, this other lever to fight against domestic violence

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« One in three women », est un podcast en 4 épisodes de 10 minutes chacun qui aborde le rôle de l'entreprise dans les violences conjugales.

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Posted on Nov 25, 2021, 1:01 p.m.Updated Nov 25, 2021, 1:09 PM

It is not necessarily in the open space, or at the coffee machine, that one would imagine a colleague confiding on the violence she suffers from a spouse or ex-spouse. And yet: one in ten women is a victim of domestic violence.

An employer therefore has a good chance of being in contact with at least one of them during his career. The company plays a role in the fight against this scourge: it is the conviction of the Foundation Agir contre exclusion (FACE), which has just released its podcast “One in three women”.

This series of four episodes of about ten minutes each, emphasizes the violence that is breaking into the world of work: remember that 62% of the victims are employees! (FACE study, 2021). “Domestic violence has had an impact on the world of work: we started from that to allow companies to seize on the subject. It is not the business of the intimate: it is a fact of society which goes beyond the sphere of private life “, explains Laurence Drake, Managing Director of FACE.

We also know that 42% of European women victims talked about what they were going through with colleagues. So how do you get help? How to react if you are the colleague who listens, or suspects a suffering in his collaborator?

Professionalize listening

Each situation is unique: domestic violence can be psychological, physical, both, and it occurs in all socio-professional categories. In episode 1 of the One in Three Women podcast, we hear, for example, a woman victim of the violence of her spouse when she was 20 to 27 years old, in the privacy of their home, then cut off from her family.

In episode 4, we listen to another woman who was chased to her workplace by the violent partner. Faced with the multiplicity of experiences, only one solution: raise awareness. “When we touch the infinitely fragile, we need an infinitely adapted response”, specifies Laurence Drake.

It is a question of spotting the warning signs, but above all, of knowing how to react to them, develops the general delegate of FACE. “There is often only one chance: the victim speaks once, but not twice, because she is ashamed, that she is under pressure, under control. The interlocutor must know how to respond, collect their words, and have the right reflex to redirect them to an appropriate structure. “

The crucial role of colleagues

And for this, the means are varied in the company: organize internal training to better detect suffering among its employees, display awareness messages, conduct webinars led by specialist associations … Objective: create a network of trusted people . The foundation has also signed charters of commitment against domestic violence to companies, such as the RATP, at the beginning of the week.

Because of course, there are specialists: volunteers from associations, social workers from companies, who also speak in the podcast “One in Three Women”. But there is also the crucial role of colleagues. In episode 1, a woman tells how she was able to open up to her experience thanks to the intervention of her intern and her work-study student, who had detected several alarming signals.

Under the pretext of having a drink, they ask him the question directly: are you a victim of violence? “I think they had spotted the signs, precisely because they were aware of the subject”, explains the thirty-something, now out of hell for more than three years. “They made me understand that it was not normal, that no one should go through this kind of thing. “

The company: a link in the chain to get by

Downstream from awareness-raising, a whole myriad of measures can make life easier for a victim in her efforts to change her life. In episode 2, we learn a lot about the role of a social worker, covered by professional secrecy: informing about rights, putting in touch with the right institutions, and above all, facilitating professional life.

It gives many examples that can be useful to all managers: how to set up a position, working time, geographic mobility, sheltering, access to emergency accommodation, etc.

Laurence Drake reminds us: “It's not about doing things that are not your responsibility but having the right reflexes. Benevolence is good, but you have to add a certain technicality … and behind it, knowing how to collaborate with specialized associations. “ Not to mention the reference number to request help: 3919.

On the occasion of the international day against violence against women, Matignon has indicated that 1,000 new accommodation places will be opened in 2022, or 9,000 places in total by the end of 2022. In addition, 5,000 “telephones” grave danger ”, which have a button allowing assistance to be reached at any time in the event of danger, will be made available in 2022.


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