“The demand for CSR skills is exploding! »According to this headhunter

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Caroline Renoux, cofondatrice du cabinet Birdeo.

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In this new school year, you have noticed a tension on CSR skills: how do you explain it?

We can explain for different reasons: First, it is the heightened awareness of the climate emergency. There is an increase in English regulatory pressure and more generally European, pressure from investment funds and banks but also from consumers, NGOs, employees, younger generations as well as large groups towards mid-cap companies. and SMEs.

Just like the digital transition, which began with a few pioneers and pure players, the environmental transition today concerns all types of companies in all sectors. As proof, in just one year, the number of job openings for these professions at Impact has tripled. Nevertheless, still few candidates have training in CSR-related subjects, the skills as well as the experience and therefore the maturity necessary to lead these complex and disruptive changes.

In the beginning, when people wanted a career in CSR, you really had to swallow snakes! Indeed, wages were low and development prospects weak. These reasons have therefore slowed down more than one. Now that the demand from companies for these profiles is exploding, the job market is finding itself in a shortage of CSR skills.

What are the CSR sectors and expertise most affected by the shortage?

The sectors most concerned are those of consulting, real estate, textiles and the food industry.

Regarding expertise, this mainly concerns those related to carbon, the circular economy and extra-financial reporting.

How can companies do to attract these new profiles?

Companies must as a priority upgrade these functions, both by offering career development but also by increasing salaries. These changes are necessary if companies want to be able to attract talent with convictions but also potential and ambition.

On the other hand, companies must not try to “copy / paste”, that is to say, look for candidates who will have a successful experience in the same functions and the same sector but must succeed in opening. target. For example, in the consultancy sector, finding candidates who know not only the consultancy but also the strategy and organization of companies and who will be trained in CSR may prove to be relevant.

In all cases, it is obviously necessary to maintain a requirement on motivation, ethics, courage, openness to the outside world, humility, as well as the willingness to learn and the ability to lead the change.

How is this tension reflected in the evolution of salaries in these professions?

Since the start of the year, we have noticed an increase in wages of around 10% on average and this increase should no doubt continue. Note that, traditionally, these salaries were not very high.

Regarding these trades, what are the most famous training courses?

Unfortunately, CSR and the notion of positive impact are not taken into account in the way higher establishments are rated and classified. Still very few schools have taken into account the measurement of the paradigm shift by integrating CSR into the core courses and into research. Among the English pioneers, we can cite the Audiencia and Kedge business schools.

What advice would you give for young people who want to orient themselves or retrain in this type of profession?

These are exciting, demanding jobs full of opportunities. If these careers have sometimes been difficult to apprehend in recent years, things are changing. Doing specialized training is essential today, you must also cultivate your network as well as your openness and do not hesitate to regularly monitor in order to identify and send your application. Candidates will have to be patient, maintain a form of humility, know how to work in the short and long term and not hesitate to propose solutions, even we do not yet have all the environmental problems.


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