The developers that all HR will want to recruit in 2022 are …

D'après l'étude de CondinGame et CoderPad, le pourcentage de recruteurs qui recrutent des développeurs sans bagage académique a presque doublé (de 23% en 2021 à 39% en 2022).

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Posted on Jan 10, 2022 at 7:00 amUpdated Jan 10, 2022, 8:58 AM

Almost 14,000 developers and recruiters across 131 countries were interviewed in the last quarter of 2021 for the CodinGame recruitment and online assessment platform CoderPad survey. The English market is widely represented, constituting 25% of professionals surveyed and 11.6% of those surveyed are women (an increase of 1.6 points since the previous edition).

First observation: no need for a diploma to find a job. The share of HR hiring developers with no academic qualifications has almost doubled, from 23% in 2021 to 39% in 2022.

A third self-taught

This increase is explained by the change in training courses, because 24% of developers questioned in the survey did not learn to code in an engineering school or a university.

Among the respondents, more than three in ten say they are self-taught (having used online tutorials, blogs and books). A godsend to meet the number 1 challenge for companies: recruiting qualified developers (see the graph below).


On the business side, what skills are in demand? Even though there is a shortage of full-stack and back-end developers, the three skills most sought after by recruiters are: DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and Machine Learning (see graph below).


On the developer side, they also want to turn to web and video game development as well as to AI. But, in fact, they claim to align themselves with market demands.

Supremacy of JavaScript, Java and Python

Consequently, for the fourth consecutive year, the languages ​​JavaScript, Java and Python are the most used programming tools and (therefore logically) the most sought after by recruiters.


London, 9th on the salary list

Another lesson from the report: wage disparities remain significant between countries. London comes 9th among the countries offering the highest salaries with an average of around 42,000 Pounds per year. At the top of this ranking, we find the United States (84,000 Pounds), Switzerland (79,000 Pounds) and Canada (62,000 Pounds).

As a result, this year, the study announced, more than half (53%) of recruiters will have a larger budget to hire developers. And this, on a global scale.

More and more practical interviews

A trend is also apparent for the coming year: recruitment methods are evolving towards so-called more objective criteria, in particular via skills assessments and practical technical interviews.

Both developers and recruiters seem to agree that these tests – where candidates are asked to solve code problems – are the best way to ascertain a candidate's skill level.

Telework, source of productivity

As in other industries, over the past eighteen months remote working has become the norm. One in three recruiters offer it fully. This corresponds to the expectations of those concerned since 70% say they prefer to work remotely in 2022.

The pandemic is also benefiting self-employed workers since 42% of recruiters have started to hire freelancers.


Notice to employers: Hybrid teams are as productive as on-site teams. More than a third of developers consider this mix of on-site and remote work to have a positive impact on productivity, while 51% of recruiters believe it.


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