The financial impacts of poor employee hiring

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A good HR manager knows how important the hiring stage is for the company. It is at this point that the organization will be able to define the qualities and competences that the new member of the corporate team must have and select the best candidate to fill the vacancy.

Therefore, it is essential that this process is carried out wisely and in the most appropriate way possible to avoid future problems. Bad hires can bring several misfortunes to the work environment, especially financial ones.

So, it is always good to have as much knowledge as possible on the subject in order to be able to identify the impacts and prevent this from happening in the company.

The main impacts of bad hiring

First of all, you have to think that a wrong hire is capable of affecting your business more than you think. Choosing the wrong employee can compromise work performance and disrupt the performance of other professionals.

This is because employees are responsible for the company's results. The more engaged they are with the organization, the more likely they are to achieve better results. Now, if one of them is not suitable, it is possible that it will compromise the entire corporate environment.

Therefore, you will see below some points that need attention in order to prevent your company from having a loss, rather than a gain, with the new employee.

Expenses with lack of technical knowledge

In the first place, an employee who does not master the role he needs to perform or who has no experience in the matter can hamper the progress of the work. Of course, the service may vary a little in each company and people need time to get used to the new role. But it is necessary that the collaborator has a previous knowledge of the work that must be carried out.

The lack of expertise can financially harm the company, as the training time will be longer. The longer the professional takes to master the functions he was hired to perform, the longer it will take to present results to the organization.

In addition, training costs tend to be higher. After all, due to the lack of technical knowledge, the employee must undergo training that will help him to perform the work. Even if there are other employees responsible for transmitting the service to the new hire, they must also temporarily stop their activities to train the new hire.

Team members with inappropriate profile

Another point that can affect the company financially, due to the bad hiring of employees, is the choice of an inappropriate profile to compose the work team. It's no use choosing a professional who speaks three languages, has a postgraduate degree abroad and extensive experience in multinationals, if he is not suited to the organizational culture and cannot maintain a good relationship with his colleagues.

It is preferable for the selection process to take longer than expected than to hire someone who will cause problems in the future. The company needs to understand that, not always, a good curriculum is synonymous with satisfactory results.

Thus, it is necessary to carefully analyze the candidates for the vacancy. For this, it is necessary to adopt the behavioral profile assessment in the recruitment and selection process. This method helps to identify the candidate's personality, their personal values ​​and how they interact with profiles different from yours.

Hiring someone whose corporate character does not fit with the company's culture not only harms the expenses involved in hiring, but can compromise the work performance of other employees. A colleague with inappropriate behavior is capable of bringing a lack of stimulation to the team and harming the organizational environment.

In addition, the employee himself may feel out of place in the company, which contributes to an unsatisfactory performance and compromises the expected results.

Increase in the layoff rate

Bad hires result in a greater number of layoffs in the organization. This happens because there is incompatibility of the professional with the company and dissatisfaction of the newly hired person or other employees.

Layoffs always generate high costs for companies. Not only for the financial arrangements guaranteed by laws, but also for the hours of work that will no longer be performed. After all, the new professional needed to be trained and other people stopped doing their jobs to fulfill this task. Not to mention the time that should be allocated to the new hire.

Also, the dismissal process may not necessarily be for the new employee. Depending on the situation, the new hire can have a negative influence on colleagues, to the point where they may be asked to leave.

In addition, a company that has a high rate of employee turnover can have a negative image in the market, reflecting on the value of the brand. This can make professionals interested in starting a career in the organization feel insecure.

How to make a good hiring of employees?

Although there are several impacts, mainly financial, of making a bad hiring of employees, you can try to prevent this from happening by seeking to carry out the selection process more efficiently.

It all starts by defining the profile of the employee you hope to find. Afterwards, it will be necessary to publicize the vacancy and make it clear which candidate the company wants, specifying both the necessary experiences and the desired professional posture.

During the interview, the person responsible for evaluating candidates must be clear and objective about the vacancy. Still, it needs to probe the history of people who want a place in the company, analyzing their professional experiences and their experiences. It is important that this process takes as long as it takes and that several people are interviewed, thus increasing the possibility of success in hiring.

The selection stage is essential for the company to be able to identify the best professional for its team. If necessary, arrange a second interview with the person who will be his direct manager, if hired. It is good to have the opinion of those who will work directly with the employee.

At the end of the day, when the candidate is chosen, it is still important to observe them during the probationary period and do your best to introduce them to the company's culture. If you are the right professional, you will quickly be aligned with the organization's goals.

Finally, you could see how a bad hiring of employees is capable of negatively impacting the company. If this has already happened at your place of work, let us know! Leave your comment and share your experience.


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