The impact of work on employees’ mental health

The impact of work on employees' mental health

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Like physical health, mental health is an essential part of the integrity of the human being. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) warn that the subject has been increasingly disseminated due to its incidence. One in four people in the world suffer from neuropsychological diseases. Therefore, managers need to pay attention to the impact of work on employees' mental health.

A negative professional environment can generate several problems and cognitive stress for the employee. The main impacts of work on employees' mental health are:

  • depression;
  • anxiety disorder;
  • stress;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • use of drugs;
  • demotivation;
  • drop in productivity;
  • absenteeism.

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To understand the impact of work on employees' mental health, keep following the post. We prepared this material with all the details of the company's role in this matter. Good reading!

What is mental health?

Mental health is the quality of life in relation to the psychological, cognitive and emotional state of the human being. It is the ability to manage different situations, whether positive or negative, with emotional and behavioral control without harming yourself and others.

There is a lot of talk about the subject, since mental illnesses like depression, stress and anxiety have been affecting thousands of people around the world. According to a survey by PLosONE made in 2012, the capital of São Paulo is the metropolis with the highest prevalence (number of cases) of mental disorders in the world.

The consequences of these disturbances are severe and impact the life of the individual and society as a whole, especially in collective activities such as work.

Precisely for this reason, companies need to adopt new cultures and ensure that the impact of work on employees' mental health is not harmful.

What is the impact of work on employees' mental health?

The impact of work on the mental health of employees can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • very competitive environment;
  • exhausting routines;
  • working hours inflexible;
  • high hourly loads;
  • interpersonal relationships for convenience;
  • toxic leaders, autocratic or unprepared;
  • psychological and sexual harassment;
  • threat of unemployment;
  • lack of organizational incentives.

Another important factor to be considered is the issue of valuation. WHO studies show that approximately 50% of workers feel common at work. In other words, replaceable.

Therefore, stress in relation to stability, motivation, commitment, among others, is constantly generated. The employee ends up developing disorders that can compromise his welfare and your professional productivity.

Even if there are external factors in the individual's personal life, the level of job satisfaction plays a key role in balancing the mind. After all, workers spend an average of 8 to 9 hours a day in the workplace.

Day-to-day practices should be carefully reviewed so that managers are able to identify the sources of the problem and outline correction strategies.

What are the impacts of mental health on company costs?

Now that you've seen the impact of work on employees' mental health, check the impact of this condition on organizational costs.

The financial impact of mental health is significant for any type of business, because a sick workforce is missing more often, burdens health plans, becomes unstable and distracted, reduces their productivity, responds to events with less responsibility, and so on.

In addition, in some cases, the professional with impaired mental health will still need to undergo a temporary change in their functions and activities. And move an employee may require a high investment from the company, as you will need to offer training and help with adaptation.

Another factor that impacts the accounts is the absenteeism. Whether in the replacement of the activity, in the replacement of the workforce or in their return to work, the company will need to apply a certain amount of capital, gradually, influencing organizational expenses.

If turnover it will also be a problem, the company will also invest with selection processes, team training, bureaucratic contract issues, and much more.

Therefore, it becomes a strategic differential to reflect on good practices and employ new quality of life policies in the company.

What are the advantages of having a satisfactory professional life?

Ensuring that the impact of work on employees' mental health is not harmful is a mandatory requirement for the company.

Also according to WHO, depression and anxiety are some of the most common mental illnesses in the world, and one of the main causes of absence from work. Therefore, preserving the mental health of the workforce is a necessary and responsible investment.

The projection for 2021 is that depression will reach the second position in the ranking of global ills, which considers economic and social impacts. In other words, measures that stimulate cognitive care should be studied with priority in management.

You main benefits of caring for mental health are:

  • to care for the well-being of the worker;
  • to offer quality of life at work;
  • decrease the incidence of disease;
  • reduce absenteeism;
  • decrease the turnover rate;
  • improve interpersonal relationships;
  • optimize productivity.

What can the company do to preserve employees' mental health?

An excellent alternative to ensure that the impact of work on the mental health of employees is not an infestation, is promote programs that deal with preventive medicine on mental health, involving all employees.

Lectures, workshops, psychological assistance, satisfaction surveys and climate, relaxation spaces, feedback culture, teaching classes medications, yoga, exams, work gymnastics, are some examples of what the organization can offer as a care.

Investing in mental health prevention and promotion programs demonstrates the company's interest in achieving the objectives and goals, without, however, leaving aside all care for corporate well-being. It is an investment with a certain return!

The impact of work on employees' mental health can be destructive if it is not well managed. Managers must offer the condition of well-being in the workplace for ensure health and respect to the most valuable instrument of any organization, the workers.

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