The keys to a successful phone or Skype interview

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Table of Contents

Prepare your telephone interview in advance

It is essential to settle the technical details in advance to avoid any problems during the course of the interview:

– Make sure that the battery of the telephone or the computer is correctly charged, and that the connection is satisfactory (mean here “broadband”!).

– In the event of a video call, check that your profile picture or that the background of the room you are in is compatible with an official interview. Adjust the brightness or the sound in advance by doing a conversation test with a loved one.

– Neutralize all forms of potential distractions (email pop-ups, social networks …) and prevent your contacts from starting a conversation.

One of the undeniable advantages of a telephone interview (excluding videoconferencing) is that the recruiter cannot see the candidate! You can therefore have written notes available with the important points you want to cover, and in particular a list with the key skills and qualifications acquired during your studies or during your professional career.

This option can also be considered with Skype as long as you hide your notes from the camera, and do not stay staring at the sheets.

How to present yourself and convince during the interview

Whether it’s a regular call or a video call, always dress as if it’s a face-to-face interview, even if the recruiter doesn’t see you. The simple fact of being in professional attire will put you directly in a working atmosphere. Likewise, feel free to use your hands and body expressions during your presentation even if no one is watching. Standardizing the telephone interview will help you stay calm.

The most important point in video chatting is learning to challenge your own instincts. Indeed, to maintain eye contact with the recruiter, you need to focus on the camera instead of the screen. Otherwise he will see you constantly with downcast eyes!

Otherwise, the rules are the same as for a traditional job interview. Prepare for your conversation by learning about the company and determining the questions that are likely to be asked about your career plan.

Don’t neglect the end of the phone interview

At the end of the interview, thank the recruiter as you usually would during a physical interview, and do not hesitate to ask for details on the next steps of the recruitment … before making a small thank you email in one last time.


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