The positive effect of IT knowledge on customer satisfaction

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The number of IT service providers in the London is large, with the mutual offer in many cases having great similarities. This includes cloud, data, security, outsourcing, hosting and solutions that promote mutual collaboration and make organizations more productive and efficient. But where is the real distinction of the IT service provider? What makes him unique to let the customer choose him?

Not the technology, but the expertise

As an IT service provider, if you want satisfied customers who stay with you for a long time, knowledge will increasingly be the determining factor. To underline this, it is good to first consider what customer satisfaction exactly entails and what you should do to really distinguish yourself as an organization in order to get satisfied customers, but above all to keep them:

  1. If the experiences are worse than expected, or the customer's expectations are higher anyway, then the customer is dissatisfied.
  2. If the experiences and expectations match what has been agreed, the customer will be satisfied.
  3. If the experiences are better than what was expected, the customer will be more than satisfied.

To maintain long-term customer satisfaction, achieving the latter is most desirable; the first situation you quickly put out of play and the second situation is something your fellow competitors can also deliver.

You simply no longer make a difference with that. Of course this applies not only to IT service providers, but also to internal IT departments that are active within organizations. It surpass of internal expectations and being able to think ahead with the development of the business will sound good to every member of the board and will in all probability result in a better appreciation for the IT department.

How do you exceed expectations?

That seems like a logical question.

Because what could be better than that internal and external customers are more satisfied with your performance? With the thought that almost everything is driven by IT, there is an excellent opportunity to exceed expectations.

This is only possible if you act smarter, are aware of the latest developments and see opportunities to use innovative technology in the right way. In short, the much-needed IT knowledge is of increasing importance! You achieve real customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

That is always our ambition.

The bottleneck of knowledge development

The good thing is that many HR managers, IT managers and board members would of course like nothing more than 100% customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

The challenge is not to do anything about knowledge development, because that is often recognized by management. The main challenge is to keep knowledge development active.

There are plenty of examples where (fortunately) an e-learning program is started at the beginning of the year and everyone gets to work with full courage.

However, at the end of the year it appears that the focus during the year shifted to matters that temporarily turned out to have a higher priority.

As a result, the organization is not developing sufficiently and the competitive strength lingers on ‘option 2' or, worse, has weakened to a situation in which insufficient justice is done to the expectations of customers and customer satisfaction even declines.

customer satisfaction

We too want to exceed expectations

Because we believe that the opportunity to develop knowledge should be much more accessible, we have adapted our offer for continuous knowledge development. Mycademy has been guiding organizations for quite some time using the 3C model.

We believe that there are three important elements to get customer satisfaction through knowledge to the highest level, namely; Culture, Capability and Commitment.

Cultural changes take time, but we are happy to help. We respond to the second C, capability, through an even more extensive range of IT training courses. In particular, we think we can exceed expectations by helping to get more commitment.

We do this by taking over the operational supervision of education and training courses, if desired. So that at the end of the year everyone is up-to-date and we can all ensure even higher customer satisfaction.

In addition, it is now also possible to opt for an accessible alternative in addition to the choice of an annual subscription, with all IT training courses. With this you give your commitment for continuous learning and you can use our knowledge platform.

In addition, you purchase the various courses separately. Within this subscription we can also provide operational guidance to lighten or relieve the work of, for example, the HR department.


Our way of exceeding expectations therefore lies in the role we can fulfill in operational guidance and making our training offer more accessible to enable continuous knowledge development for everyone.

In addition, we believe that customer satisfaction is enhanced by speaking to each other on a regular basis, making an annual plan together and communicating and discussing the results. Our customer success team plays an important role in this. Even more satisfied customers? We are happy to help!



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