The power of knowledge sharing

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De kracht van kennisdeling

Table of Contents

In learning – in whatever form – the focus is generally on self-development, either personally or professionally. But sharing knowledge takes you further together. In this blog we look at the power of knowledge sharing.

What is Knowledge?

We actually share knowledge all day long. This can be done in informal conversations at the coffee machine, during – online – meetings or via a specially designed platform. But what distinguishes knowledge from information? David Gurteen, owner of Gurteen Knowledge, describes it as follows: ‘Knowledge is not only about know-how but also know-why. Have a cake. You can compare its molecular components with data. If you analyze them, you can't even tell it was ever a cake. A list of ingredients is a lot more useful and starts to look more like information. Because the data is now given a context, an experienced chef will probably be able to make a cake out of it. But only when you see the recipe can we speak of knowledge. Even so, there will still be countless people who know how to mess up the cake with a recipe. Only when you bring knowledge, experience and skill together can you really make a good cake. Knowledge is information combined with experience and skills.

From knowledge is power to sharing is power

Knowledge is often spread throughout the organization. Everyone has their own specialty, which is a good thing. Yet the organization as a whole benefits if knowledge – read: information, experience and skills – about your services or products and about the market in which you operate, is shared. By stimulating a culture of knowledge sharing as an organization, you get the most out of the knowledge that is present in the organization and you ensure that you become more powerful as a whole.

Central storage of knowledge

Of course, individual knowledge sharing – from one colleague to another – is useful, but not very efficient. An LMS can help with this because you store the knowledge centrally. This way colleagues can share their knowledge via the platform. This can be very useful when onboarding new employees. You can then easily prepare a digital training course for someone that consists, for example, of a number of essential training courses, knowledge sessions of colleagues, that one interesting webinar, internal documents and videos. In this way, the new employee is quickly up-to-speed and you cover the individual part of the training procedure professionally. But colleagues who have been employed for a longer period also benefit from such an LMS. By creating learning paths, you map out a clear and targeted path to success and all learning resources can be found in one handy overview


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