The role of Psychology in HR: from recruitment to training

The role of Psychology in HR: from recruitment to training

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When there were still no people management courses, the undergraduates sought the psychology in HR to join companies. To this day, it is this aspect that helps to govern the department in each of its many assignments.

Nowadays, the new role of HR in organizations, makes it one of the most versatile and diversified sectors, within a company.

It is not by chance that specializations emerge to anticipate the demands of the segment, showing that it is possible to go much further than psychology in HR.

Do you know the reason for this?

Before being this key and wildcard in organizations, HR was one of the professional sectors that newly graduated psychologists could head to, if they did not feel comfortable in their offices.

It turns out that, although there are specific degrees for a complete management of people, psychology still deeply applies in HR.

And, through this article, we will understand this powerful relationship that adds enormous value in so many sectors of a company. Check out!

The arrival of psychology in HR

It may not seem like it at first, but the psychology applied to Human Resources is so present that it is impossible to dissociate them without losses in the process.

Think, for example, of an industry activity, such as establishing corporate benefits. It looks like something that can only be resolved bureaucratically, right?

However, the choice of each of these benefits depends on the profile of employees and the organizational culture of the company. And, for that, there is a lot psychology in HR applied to identify the best opportunities for employees.

So, instead of people considering that psychology in HR came later, we are going to trace the opposite path: the personal department – as the sector was known – has expanded into other activities, but without losing the psychological essence of its performance.

The relationship between Human Resources and Psychology

A company is structured through investment in material and human resources. And while there are countless differences between the two, there is one thing in common: zeal.

We take care of the materials in the same way that the HR professional takes care of the health, safety, motivation and well-being – physical and psychological – of his staff.

Although acting in Human Resources requires, by law, a higher education diploma, the sector requires a series of knowledge in multiple areas. For that reason we see specialists who are originally trained in:

  • Management;
  • Right;
  • Human resource Management;
  • Psychology.

The role of psychology in HR is undeniable. In caring for the human strength of an organization, we are not only dealing with spreadsheets, bureaucracies and labor laws, but with people, their emotions, needs, goals, frustrations

For this reason, broad knowledge in this area of ​​knowledge often stands out from so many others that the HR professional needs and must seek constant development.

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Psychology applied to HR

Administration, legislation and project implementation are some of the qualities that are not directly related to psychology in HR.

However, in turn, the expansion of strategic HR has made the psychological element of the equation even more valuable.

To make this even more clear for you, in this topic we will point out some of the activities in which this will prove to be of great value to the professional of the sector.


Think, for example, that a company has lived with several shutdowns, dangerously increasing its turnover rate.

Through psychology in HR it is possible to identify what are the causes of turnover and then execute an action plan to reduce employee turnover in the company.

For example, it was found that the main cause is the lack of identification of professionals with the institutional pillars of the company. Thus, the department can design a recruitment system that takes this into account.

As a result, the enterprise houses people committed to its mission and values, while the hired professionals arrive with a profile identified by HR (and the management of each area) as the differential to increase results and reduce turnover.

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Personnel selection

For interviews, HR can masterfully conduct the process, helping to filter the best candidates for each position in the company.

It is worth noting that, within this context, HR also meets with management to compose a mapping complete of what is desired from each professional, to assume all existing positions in the organization.

Training and development

Internally, psychology in HR reveals itself in different responsibilities and activities. One of the main ones is the area of ​​training and qualification of employees.

Through it, HR helps to build a training routine to develop the profile of professionals, optimize the use of a new solution and even to integrate new hires with the company's culture.

Seminars, lectures and workshops are constant in the HR routine. Your representatives must know how to deal with all the elements that surround such an event – especially, in dealing with the people present in the established situations.

personal department

Admissions, dismissals and bureaucratic and legislative issues involving Human Resources are also handled by the HR sector.

Except that, differently from what many may think, there is a lot of psychology in HR and its respective functions.

Want an example? A termination interview is essential for the company to know what were the successes and the points for improvement identified by a former employee.

With this, improvements can be applied to retain internal talents who want to remain in the company, and those who leave may miss and praise the structure of the organization.

Psychological assessment

For the composition of a career plan, a performance evaluation system and even for periodic feedbacks, psychology has long been applied in HR.

After all, these are issues that directly influence the motivation of employees, the search for improvement (personal and professional) and the understanding of what the company expects from each individual of its staff.

In other words: psychology in HR is a fundamental element for the conducting all your activities.

No wonder, anyone who considers the sector a bureaucratic place, and of little relation to the development of a company, should quickly reconsider this perspective.

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