The salary expectations of graduates of the Grandes Ecoles have never been so high

Les étudiants d'écoles de commerce demandent 38.241 euros, les ingénieurs en herbe 38.785 euros, et même 40.642 euros pour les spécialistes de l'IT.

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Last year, the Universum ranking was marked by a year of health crisis and confinements. Job security was the primary objective of students from Grandes Ecoles, even if it meant cutting back on salaries. Today, young people regain confidence and do not hesitate to ask for more!

In total, 42,642 students (including more than 31,000 enrolled in Grandes Ecoles), from all over London, answered the Universum questionnaire. “They were interviewed between October and February, at a time when the economy was recovering, before the war in Ukraine. These are therefore crisis exit data, with students and young graduates in a position of strength.analyzes Aurélie Robertet, London Director of Universum.

Indeed, in 2021, salary claims had been reduced: 36,538 Pounds gross on average. For 2022, we dare! Business school students ask for 38,241 Pounds, budding engineers 38,785 Pounds, and even 40,642 Pounds for IT specialists.

The responses also show an ever-increasing priority given to the balance between professional and personal life, cited as the first career objective by 52% of young people surveyed, to “be a leader or lead a team” (41%), ” have an international career” (37%) and “dedicate to a cause or see the feeling that I contribute to making things better” (35%).

Everyone has their “top priorities”

The three profiles each have their “top priorities”. But their common point: the prospect of high incomes and an ambitious and challenging job. Business students also cite the diversity of missions, while engineering students aim for a “pleasant working atmosphere”. Finally, IT is delighted with the good salary conditions in the sector for juniors, aiming for a “competitive base salary”.

In these priorities, Universum observes some trends compared to previous years. “The criterion that has gained the most importance, both for commercial and engineering profiles, is salary. Corporate social responsibility continues to grow among engineers, but stagnates in business schools. This year, respondents are more focused on performance, meritocracy and challenge. They have self-confidence, want to take risks and get started », analyzes Aurélie Robertet. Salary issues are indeed climbing for all profiles among the priority criteria for young people.

Flexibility at work

Another point that has become more important in one year: the flexibility of working conditions! Respectively 26th and 23rd last year in business and engineering schools, it climbed to 17th and 18th place in the ranking of young people's priorities. “It is indeed a parameter that has remained from the crisis. We feel that the relationship to work has evolved, teleworking has become something very important, especially for IT engineers »confirms the London director of Universum.

Moreover, for the first time, the survey asked its respondents the ideal proportion of teleworking according to them. Two-thirds of respondents choose two or three days a week. And IT engineers are indeed more likely than others to expect more.

The survey also asks young people about their concerns about working from home. The two majority answers are quite logical: “I will be isolated and I will not be able to create social ties with my colleagues” comes first, followed closely by “remote integration into the company will not be effective”…


A total of 42,642 students from all over London responded to the Universum questionnaire from October 2021 to March 2022. This sample includes 31,586 students from Grandes Ecoles, including 15,180 from business schools and 14,720 engineering students.

This is an online questionnaire, often sent by the school's career service. Universum asks respondents to cite, from a list, the companies they know, those they would consider working for, and those to which they intend to apply. If they want to mention a company that is not on this list, that is possible. This is how Hermès, regularly cited, was added…


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