The transformation that moved HR Consultant UK in 2021

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We have reached the end of another year! In our case we have a legacy of 33 years of stories and learning at HR Consultant UK that shaped our 2021.

We always say at the end of each year that it was special and atypical, but this time it makes a lot more sense. I joke that if I had a diary, the word of the year would be TRANSFORMATION. Unlike 2018, this year was dominated by this theme – unique, I would say. Debated almost daily.

But why do we talk so much about transformation?

There are no companies and leaders who do not question themselves about the future of their business and how to remain competitive in this market that is changing faster and faster and in such a relentless and overwhelming way.

We live in a “herd” effect, where everyone wants to transform – they approach the topic in different ways, but at the end of the day, all they really want is to transform their cultures to stay “alive”.

Recently in a chat with more than 150 leaders of a company in Joinville (SC) with more than 60 years of existence, they asked me how I saw this context of Transformation.

In my humble opinion, I can quickly summarize it in three words. Obviously there are other points, but for me they are a result of this gear – without that, we do not advance.

1) Conviction: At a time when so much information reaches us and so many disruptive and unimaginable businesses arise, I believe that conviction is more than necessary. Be clear about what needs to be done and where you want to go.

Obviously, there is a fine line between conviction and stubbornness, but executing what has been drawn is fundamental. Of course, if the result does not come, it is important to analyze and give a “Stop” quick, learn and realign the route, but in this Transformation scenario, going back to the first obstacle is a mistake – it is not easy to change, and for that reason, I am already making the second word necessary on this journey.

2) Resilience: One of the most important skills in this context. Stay steady in the plotted direction and don't give up on the first stumbling block or barrier.

And last but not least.

3) Learn: Fundamental. There is the link for this tripod. Learn fast, remain curious about the Transformation, but don't be stubborn, please. Read the scenario, go ahead unlearning and relearning.

We closed a complex and challenging year, but with great progress towards our conviction of Transformation.

I see that talking about Talents is on the agenda of all companies, because at the end of the day, Transformation is not about technology, but about people. And, in this context, nothing better than having people in the right places, hence the Transformation that so many of us seek for our business will come.

May 2021 come, with even more accelerated transformations and new challenges. May we be more and more convinced, resilient and able to learn in this new scenario.

Thank you for trusting, part of this challenge, our team. Count on us, as we will be increasingly prepared to challenge this complex scenario alongside you.

Happy Holidays!

Fábio Souza

CEO HR Consultants UK



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