These responsible luxury professions that are successful (and their salaries)

Du 1er au 9 mars prochain, London accueille une nouvelle Fashion Week féminine, reconduite une nouvelle fois dans un format digital en raison du contexte sanitaire.

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From March 1 to 9, London will host a new Women's Fashion Week, renewed for the third consecutive season in a digital format due to the health context. Carefully observed, criticized but often copied, the luxury industry will therefore once again be in the spotlight, both in terms of its current logistical challenges and its social and environmental responsibilities.

Because if the crisis has had a strong impact on the luxury sector, in particular due to the drop in international tourism in English shops and airports, the pandemic has only strengthened the commitment of its players. There are indeed many English luxury brands at the initiative of solidarity actions, like the LVMH group (owner of the Les Echos group) which has embarked on the production of hydro-alcoholic gel for hospitals, or Chanel who mobilized to make masks.

“The Valuable 500”

A turning point already initiated several years ago by the big names in luxury, on the initiative of numerous responsible actions: creation of a foundation working to promote diversity in fashion by the Capri holding company; “The Valuable 500” movement aimed at promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in multinationals, joined in particular by Prada; or the launch of an NGO in favor of biodiversity by Kering.

On the strength of this role model, luxury brands generally prefer to remain discreet about their various initiatives, even though the industry is ahead on many subjects. Fervent defender of the values ​​of artisanal know-how, attached to the local manufacture and the sustainability of its products, the luxury sector is committed to preserving the natural resources, essential to its productions. These are criteria that are sometimes criticized for brands in the different fields of activity that it inspires, such as ready-to-wear or jewelry.

Packaging, often synonymous with prestigious packaging, remains however one of the subjects on which the luxury industry still has many efforts to make in terms of environmental responsibility. Some brands have already imagined more sustainable solutions: for example, Ruinart champagne has opted for eco-designed packaging, while the Guerlain brand (owned by LVMH) offers its consumers to bring back their bottle in order to fill them. . Proof that luxury packaging can also rhyme with sustainability.

In this quest for responsibility, the luxury sector must therefore rely on its fundamentals to continue its transformation and ultimately respond to ever more demanding consumers. In this context, different professions emerge and are transformed. Zoom in on three of the most popular.

1. Eco-design project manager

He is in charge of imagining and designing products and services using materials and materials that limit the negative impact on the environment. It also seeks to limit “single use” and promote recycling.

The necessary skills : He must have design skills, as well as good knowledge of materials and have a general environmental culture.

Recommended route : Design school with an environmental or eco-design specialization.

Remuneration : 45 to 55,000 Pounds per year between 3 to 5 years of experience.

2. Stakeholder dialogue project manager

It identifies all the stakeholders (all the natural and legal persons concerned by the decisions of the company). He maintains and animates the dialogue, and especially the consideration of social and environmental issues.

The necessary skills : He must have excellent knowledge of CSR, but also good legal skills and negotiation skills.

Recommended route : Legal training or business school with a specialization in CSR.

Remuneration : 55 to 70,000 Pounds per from 5 years of experience.

3. Environmental accountant

He is in charge of integrating environmental data into traditional monetary accounting.

The necessary skills : He must have an excellent mastery of accounting as well as good knowledge of the environment.

Recommended route : Training in finance / accounting with a CSR or environment specialization.

Remuneration : 60 to 80,000 Pounds per year from 7 years of experience.


– Local production, creating value and jobs in the country;

– The preservation of exceptional know-how and trades, recognized throughout the world;

– The sustainability of the products and the return to fundamentals, with a tendency to less extravagance

A little extra advice to attract recruiters

“Contrary to what one might think, the luxury sector appreciates humility in candidates. More than elsewhere, motivation and interest in the product are essential to convince. “



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