They have chosen a job with a positive impact and explain their mission to us

De gauche à droite, et de haut en bas : Faustine, Gaëlle, Thomas, Enzo, Antoine et Martin travaillent dans des structures, métiers, univers complètement différents mais ont en commun de sentir que leur travail fait avancer le monde dans le bon sens.

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Posted Jul 21, 2022, 10:05 AM

“My mission: to put an end to food waste in collective catering”

Faustine Meriel, 27, collective catering manager at Too Good To Go

Faustine Meriel, 27, collective catering manager at Too Good To Go

“A graduate of EM Normandie, I worked for two years (work-study and then permanent) at Vita Coco, a company that markets coconut water. Then, I integrated Too Good To Go, the anti-waste application. For three years, I have been supporting collective catering players (in companies, schools, hospitals, etc.) in their ambition to reduce food waste.

At the end of the day, they sometimes have meals left on their hands – from a few to a hundred. Several solutions are available to them to fight against food waste: transformation into biogas, prevention upstream of the production chain, donations to associations, etc.

If the latter cannot move, especially if there are not enough meals left to make the trip worthwhile, we intervene. We allow collective catering players to put unsold meals on the app themselves and thus give a second life to these production surpluses that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

My job: to help them organize themselves, to define a price for their basket according to the content, to see the most suitable container, to communicate internally and externally to assert their commitment…”

“My mission: find solutions to decarbonize our logistics and transport activities”

Thomas Mathieu, 35, CSR supply chain manager at Carrefour

Thomas Mathieu, 35, CSR supply chain manager at Carrefour

“I joined Carrefour's CSR department in 2011, after finishing my studies. At the time, my role was above all to make our teams, suppliers and carriers aware of the environmental impact of our activities. Today, my mission is rather to find solutions to decarbonize all of our logistics and transport activities.

This requires concrete actions. In 2017, for example, I participated in the launch of a hydrogen truck project to transport our products. This prototype truck will see the light of day at the end of 2022, before being potentially duplicated on a large scale if this solution is satisfactory. I also supervise the deployment of 1,000 biomethane vehicles, replacing diesel vehicles. In warehouses, I am thinking about solutions to save energy on lighting, heating, etc.

My role: to maintain height by working on the group's medium and long-term strategy. I feel useful, and not only to my company because what we adopt can, if these solutions prove their worth, find their way to other distributors or manufacturers. »

“My mission: to allocate capital to projects beneficial to biodiversity”

Antoine Chauve, 24, investment officer at Banque des Territoires

Antoine Chauve, 24, investment officer at Banque des Territoires

“I work as an investment officer at the Banque des Territoires, an entity of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations which invests in projects with a social or environmental impact. Concretely, I invest in projects that aim to preserve or restore biodiversity throughout the territory.

I meet the financing needs of companies or communities by regularly going into the field. For example, I meet companies that are developing rooftop greening, restoring and decontaminating fallow land to turn it into natural spaces, or seeking funds to improve the sustainable management of a forest. I look at how the project can be interesting on two levels: with regard to the environment and from a financial point of view. These two aspects are decisive for our investment choices.

I am convinced that well-allocated capital flows can have a real impact on the biodiversity of a territory. »

“My mission: reduce the carbon footprint of companies thanks to data”

Gaëlle Guillou, 24, data scientist at Carbo

Gaëlle Guillou, 24, data scientist at Carbo

“Data scientist at Facebook in London, I left my job after eight months to find a job more in line with my commitment to the environment. I joined a sustainable development consulting firm in London before joining the start-up Carbo, founded in 2021, seven months later. software that emphasizes pedagogy, effectiveness and measurability.

I work on automating the tool and analyzing carbon data: from importing customer data to proposing a reduction plan. You have to be precise while going fast.

Today, my work fulfills me because I have a measurable and direct impact on a subject I am passionate about, with colleagues who share my values, in a caring corporate culture. It also allows me to achieve a healthy balance with my other activities, such as activism, through the flexibility of my working time. »

“My mission: Contribute to changes in practices in the sports event sector”

Martin Grimont, 26, project manager for climate and environmental performance for Paris 2024

Martin Grimont, 26, project manager for climate and environmental performance for London 2024

“Following my studies, I was recruited within the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of London 2024 (COJOP). The unprecedented objective of this edition: to halve the carbon impact of the Games compared to previous editions, in particular by using 95% of existing or temporary infrastructure.

My mission is to support internal teams and service providers in this ambition. What I like the most is when I accompany the candidates to the markets of the Games. Before choosing a winner, my role is to assess and identify with them solutions to integrate climate and environmental issues into their offer. This is a key moment when our objectives meet operational constraints on the scale of the biggest sporting event in the world. Our team works like a consulting firm specializing in climate and environmental performance, with the advantage of being able to follow the project through to the end and of being integrated into the teams.

Passionate about sport, it was a childhood dream to take part in the organization of the Games. Being part of the adventure while helping to change practices in the sports event sector is a huge opportunity. »

“My mission: to develop solar energy for professionals”

Enzo Malgogne, 23 years old, design and project engineer at Solewa

Enzo Malgogne, 23 years old, design and project engineer at Solewa

“At the end of my studies at Eseo (Western School of Electronics) in Angers, I did an end-of-studies internship at Beem Energy. This start-up markets an easy-to-install solar panel kit for individuals. I was recruited there at the end of my internship and stayed there for a year.

Then, I joined Solewa, a photovoltaic panel installation company for professionals, with a view to working on higher power installations. I intervene after the sales representatives, who collect requests from farmers or industrialists who wish to install solar panels, to produce all or part of the energy they need. My functions: size the installation, quantify its cost, estimate what its production will be, make a financial projection for prospects and see to what extent this investment will be profitable for them. Part of my job also consists of monitoring technology, following new products launched on the market that we could eventually adopt if they prove to be more efficient.

I am convinced that solar is an energy of the future. My mission is rewarding in the sense that I have the feeling of contributing to the energy transition. It is all the more so as our customers adopt installations with large productions. »


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