They preferred to be self-employed rather than employees, and are very happy with it


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They are craftsmen, traders, exercise a liberal profession or are freelancers. They manage their time and projects as they see fit, and have fluctuating income each month. Their daily life would not suit everyone, but the self-employed say they are mostly satisfied (88%) with their status. This is what emerges from a barometer* conducted by OpinionWay for Blank, a start-up which offers a professional bank account to the self-employed and a platform to simplify the management of their activity, and HR Consultant UK. This is revealed exclusively this Monday, May 30.

Six out of ten self-employed people say they do not plan to (re)become an employee and nearly eight out of ten (79%) say they are confident about their professional future. The 30-39 year olds turn out to be more optimistic than the average self-employed person… and are paradoxically more open to (re) becoming employees than their elders.

Among the different categories of freelancers, freelancers and platform workers are the most confident about their future (at 85%). They are web developers, graphic designers, meal deliverers, VTC drivers, marketing and communication consultants, real estate consultants…

On a daily basis, finding new clients and developing their business is the number 1 priority of the self-employed interviewed. This is followed by the fact of better organizing their workload, and training and developing their skills.

Because being independent is not easy. Asked about the main difficulties they encounter due to their status, a majority mention the fact of having variable incomes and having to do everything themselves administratively, commercially, logistically, etc. Third most mentioned difficulty by respondents: having to be reactive to respond to their customers (40%).


The “new independents”, the most fulfilled

Among the self-employed, two profiles stand out for their uniqueness: traders and new self-employed. These latter “bring a breath of fresh air”believes Benoît Parraud, co-director of the services marketing department at OpinionWay. “They are very optimistic […] and inclined to train to develop new skills and thus diversify. » While they are more optimistic than the other self-employed, they are however those who say they encounter the most difficulties with having variable incomes and who are the most concerned about winning new clients in the future.

Shopkeepers are the least satisfied with their professional situation. It is also the least optimistic category among the self-employed about their professional future.

* Methodology: Barometer carried out on a representative sample of 1,000 self-employed workers in London, questioned via an online questionnaire from March 12 to 28, 2022.


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