This is how you challenge your employees and you win this

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This is how you challenge your employees and you win this

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By challenging your employees in a positive way, you motivate them and bind them to your organization. A smart learning platform helps you with this by offering a number of motivating functionalities. Arjan de Knegt explains how that works.

Is your employee behind the virtual pants

If you choose to work with a learning platform, you undoubtedly want to ensure that your employees are constantly challenged and motivated. After all, by challenging employees, you keep them on board. By creating learning paths, your employees are regularly chased after the virtual pants. That can be a simple reminder that gives you a push in the right direction: ‘Hello Arjan, you haven't learned anything new for a week!' I myself have experienced how nice that works.

Provide insight into progress

Moreover, by attaching a deadline to a training, you can ensure that the platform keeps an eye on that deadline. If the platform has a smart dashboard, every employee – and the manager – can see the progress and receive messages that fit the situation exactly. This encourages you to pick up a module, or part of it, again. After all, you don't have to study for hours to make a step forward.

Offers modern tools

An optimal learning environment keeps employees engaged. By offering extra tools such as gamification – also known as serious gaming – you give your employees an extra incentive. By using gamification, people with game techniques are stimulated to learn. Games provide clearly defined goals that are achievable and provide a sense of community and accomplishment. By using gamification in the learning process, people learn faster and more effectively. But immersive learning is also on the rise: lhonor by means of having an experience experienced. For example, you can use 360-degree videos and virtual reality.

Knowing more?

In addition to the tooling – such as setting up learning paths, knowledge sessions, reports and progress information, everything in your own house style – a truly valuable platform also offers the possibility to offer training in any desired form of learning: from digital to classroom, from in-house sessions to e-books and from microlearning to audiobooks. Do you want to know what else to think about when you want to get started with a learning platform? Download our handy checklist with 11 things to think about if you want to start a learning platform. Would you like to discuss what we can do for your organization? We are happy to help you! Feel free to contact us without obligation.


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