This is why the IT Manager deserves more credit

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IT manager meer krediet

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The position of an IT manager is invaluable to any organization. On the one hand he is confronted with ‘the issues of the day’, on the other hand the IT manager will have to be able to think along strategically in order to constantly maintain a lead. No other colleague has gone through such major changes in the past few years!

How is the IT manager perceived?

A good IT manager works extremely hard, is above average interested, can handle work pressure well and is resistant to stress to extinguish fires quickly and on time where necessary.

Unfortunately, this last point in particular is how he or she is often perceived by other colleagues; as a colleague who solves the problems for you when you need something, such as a new laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet or someone who is right at your desk when an application is not working.

But who is he really and what does he mean to you?

Keeping everything workable in a time where everything seems possible

The IT manager ensures that processes remain workable and the organization does not come to a standstill. In a time of ‘consumerization of IT‘, where it has become increasingly easier for employees to purchase and connect software themselves, the workability is a challenge.

The IT manager must ensure that the entire organization continues to work together in a correct, effective and above all safe manner. In this situation, the interests of the total organization always take precedence over the interests of an individual.

Facilitating more flexible and time-independent working

It is a colleague who ensures that you yourself have more freedom and flexibility. Cloud and mobile make it possible to contribute to the organization independently of time and from any workplace. Quite a nice thought to think about.

Protecting you and the organization

Perhaps even more important is its role as a protector of your privacy and the data protection of customer data. For example, that privacy sensitive data of customers is handled in the same way as how you want to be treated yourself. Or its role to ensure that security laws and regulations are complied with.

If multi-talent the IT manager has undoubtedly been closely involved in the implementation of the new GDPR legislation recently. (General Data Protection Regulation which will come into effect on May 25)

Providing data intelligence in the workplace

Being really visible as a multi-talent may still be coming. Increasingly, the ICT department also has a BI, Business Intelligence department. This means that IT managers are increasingly concerned with linking data to intelligent systems.

Sales managers can make much better forecasts based on this and Marketing managers can predict trends more accurately based on the analyzed data. A Win Win situation.

Time to visit each other more often!


If you are reading this article in the role of IT manager, we hope to have made it clear how important it is to constantly develop new competencies in a challenging and ever-changing role.

If you have read as a ‘colleague’, realize that he or she is invaluable to you to work in a pleasant and professional way every day and to get smartness and intelligence in the workplace.


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