This way you can see the trees again in the forest of e-learning

Zo zie je de bomen weer in het bos van e-learning

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E-learning is extremely popular in the London. In the past five years, no less than 28 percent of all Dutch people have followed an online course, training or education, according to research. But what should you pay attention to when you use e-learning? In this blog we share the four main points of interest.

1 Individually or together

An advantage of e-learning can be that you can do it alone. Nevertheless, e-learning was once set up as a supplement to group education. Moreover, in these times when working from home is the norm, the lack of social contact is also a shortcoming for many people. If you choose a learning management system with good community functionalities, you make the ideal combination. The benefits of online learning – anywhere, anytime – and the community aspect of classroom learning. Leaving a note for a colleague or just asking the teacher a question conveys that much needed sense of community involvement.

2 Different teaching methods

E-learning comes in different forms. Use that too. Everyone learns differently. One prefers reading, the other video or infographics. This explains the popularity of blended learning, also known as hybrid learning: a form of learning in which you mix different learning forms. Online training methods include webinars, whitepapers, e-learning, gamification, microlearning and YouTube videos. In an ideal world, where we can come together again, you combine that with traditional classroom learning methods, knowledge meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions.

3 Learning timing

The stress of the corona crisis and the constant sitting indoors can cause concentration problems, neuropsychiatrist Theo Compernolle told the NRC. By using microlearning, you respond well to this. Relatively small learning units of two to five minutes and short-term learning activities are more easily maintained and are easier to combine with work and the home situation. Microlearning also comes in all kinds of forms: an article, an infographic, a poll or quiz, a video or a short series of slides. We wrote about the benefits of microlearning in this blog.

4 Quality of the training

Training and education have numerous quality marks, which often differ per industry or training institute. It is difficult to gain insight into this and it takes a lot of time to dig through this. By choosing a learning management system that takes over that quality control from you, you save a lot of time and energy and you can be sure that the range of e-learning meets your requirements qualitatively.

Knowing more?

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