This way you get maximum results from your training efforts

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This way you get maximum results from your training efforts

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Knowledge development is important for the survival and success of an organization. However, haphazard training for everyone is not very effective, nor does it necessarily lead to better results. Three steps to use knowledge development cost-effectively with maximum results.

1. Gain insight

In order to get maximum results from your training efforts, it is first of all important to gain insight. Insight into what knowledge is lacking in your organization at all, but also insight into what knowledge lies with one person. Because in order to guarantee continuity, it is important to spread knowledge. Once you have mapped out these gaps, you will also know which training courses are needed and who can best follow these training courses. In this way you help your organization and your people move forward.

2. Save time and money

Once you have insight and know which courses are needed, you still have to look for those courses. Which providers are there, which courses meet your wishes and what are the costs of the different courses? Obviously, it is far from effective to find and purchase those training courses yourself from all kinds of different providers. This is a time-consuming job and involves a lot of administration. If you choose a good learning management system, you will save yourself this hassle. If you choose a platform like that of HR Consultants UK, you also save money. There is no purchasing advantage to be gained on individual courses, but a good training intermediary makes agreements with the best trainers, ensures that the training offer is continuously updated and negotiates substantial discounts. Moreover, thanks to such a platform, you retain the insight that you obtained in step 1. Very handy.

3. Make sure that the knowledge stays within the organization

It is of course wonderful to invest in the talents of your employees. But then you do not want that employee to take his newly acquired knowledge to another organization. Thanks to a good learning platform, people can develop continuously. And that is precisely one of the happiness factors that determines whether you can keep an employee or whether he will explore the grass at the neighbors.


Do you want to put continuous learning on the agenda, but could you use some help with that? We are happy to help you give knowledge development an even more strategic role. Feel free to contact us on 026 – 2051333 or We like to think along with you!



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