TikTok, a new hunting ground for recruiters

Des entreprises publient désormais leurs offres d'emploi sur TikTok.

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Posted on Jan. 30, 2021, 7:10 p.m.Updated on March 22, 2021, 12:02 p.m.

Faced with the shortage of medical staff to do PCR and antigen tests to screen for Covid, health students were allowed this summer to lend a hand. Since then, pharmacies and laboratories have been looking for young people to join their teams. But the latter are a scarce resource. StaffMe, a platform for connecting students and companies to carry out one-off assignments, had an idea: to publish an ad on TikTok. Owned by the Chinese group ByteDance, the application passed the milestone of 100 million users in Europe in September. It is best known for its light and entertaining content: dance videos, playback covers, challenges… But for a few months now, companies have decided to go there to recruit.

“In normal times, our mission offers, for example in store sales, are open to all profiles, explains Jean-Baptiste Achard, co-founder of the start-up. There, we needed very specific profiles, not necessarily registered on StaffMe. TikTok seemed like a good option to reach a new audience. ” Indeed, the users of the application can fall in their “feed” on the contents of accounts which they do not follow, if the algorithm decides it. So, the StaffMe team created a short video summarizing the criteria for applying and the working conditions. All this to lively and popular music on the social network. It has been seen over 500 times, a start. Thanks to her post on Instagram and TikTok, the young shoot received around fifty applications.

The company La Rosée has also bet on the platform. In September, this cosmetics brand born in 2015 was looking for a work-study candidate, perfectly at ease on social networks, to carry out a communication mission. Mathilde Bourduge, director of communication for the brand, created an account on the application and posted a video in which she dances with a colleague. With, in comment, “To apply, send us a TikTok too phew that makes us want to hire you right away!” “ accompanied by the hashtags #job and #alternance. The video has accumulated more than 170,000 views.

Result: more than 200 candidates sent him an email with a CV and a video of them made on TikTok. “I received three times more CVs than when I posted an ad like this on other social networks. Asking candidates to make a TikTok video was very effective: I saw their personality and skills much better than in a classic cover letter, enthuses Mathilde Bourduge. The company thus found “A nugget” who started his contract in early December.

Make sponsored content

Other companies have adopted a different strategy: pay to distribute sponsored content that appears in users' feeds. This is what the chains of temp agencies Synergie and Proman have done. Ditto for System U. The large distribution group called on the start-up Bonanza. This young shoot specializes in recruiting on social networks. Objective: to recruit future apprentices to integrate the butcher's CAP in one of the training centers that the group has opened.

To do this, Bonanza launched a recruitment campaign in the form of advertisements, between July and September, on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. “It was the first time we did this on TikTok and that's where we performed the most. The social network is still not widely used in the context of recruitment, and when a message passes, it uses the codes specific to this platform, it has a strong virality ”, observes Franck Magnan, co-founder of the start-up. Enough to diversify the sourcing of candidates. Result, the sponsored video has accumulated more than 500,000 views on the social network. To apply, candidates only had to fill out a pre-selection form by clicking directly on the offer. Among those passed by TikTok, about sixty were selected for the selection interviews.

The advantage of these recruitment campaigns in the form of advertising? No need for companies to have a TikTok account (account that would require to be funded). Also, sponsored content makes it possible to precisely target the public likely to be interested in the job offer.

In view of the success of the operation, Système U intends to repeat the experience to recruit butchers, pastry chefs and fishmongers. Since then, Bonanza has launched a recruitment campaign on TikTok for the London fire brigade, and for Leroy Merlin, in search of interns and work-study students. It is preparing to launch another for Capgemini, which wants to recruit young engineers.

Go through influencers

Finally, some companies use influencers to publicize the jobs that are recruiting. This is the case with SNCF. The railway company wanted to highlight seven trades, some of which are little known: that of electrician, mechanic, rail station agent, train conductor, rail switchman, rail security officer and engineer. “These professions are those in which we have the highest volumes of recruitments. Some require painstaking technical skills. For example, we are in strong competition for electricians or mechanics ”, explains Catherine Woronoff-Argaud, head of recruitment policy at SNCF.

The company went through Bolt Influence, an agency that connects brands and influencers. The latter has decided to collaborate with seven content creators, paid for this partnership. Their mission: to create a video using TikTok's own codes and tone – short, punchy and funny content – to promote one of these professions on their account.

At the time of the campaign, these TikTokers had between 300,000 and 800,000 subscribers, and communities aged 18 to 25 on average. “” To reach the youngest, it is relevant to go through the opinion leaders who are the influencers. They speak the same language as their followers, and by associating their image with the brand, they allow the latter to obtain almost immediate sympathy ”, says Thomas Van't wout, co-founder and marketing director of Bolt Influence.

“The objective of this campaign was to gain notoriety and from this point of view, we were able to see great results, in particular with positive comments, adds Catherine Woronoff-Argaud from SNCF. This generated applications and traffic to our job site. “” Encouraging results which could well convince other companies to land on the platform …



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