Time to hire versus quality of hiring: understand how this relationship works

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Time to hire versus quality of hiring: understand how this relationship works

Table of Contents

Nowadays, companies must deeply consider the relationship between time to hire versus quality of hire. Mainly, because the selection process must be agile and the professional's profile must be aligned with the company's identity, which becomes a puzzle for HR.

Statistics on hiring time are quite straightforward: they measure the time it took to hire any position within the company.

But you may have noticed how much that time has increased considerably – especially when compared to what was needed a few years ago.

Thus, it is important to take into account the time to hire versus the quality of hiring. Because agility is a differentiator both to distance yourself from the competition and to guarantee a professional profile aligned with the DNA and the expectations and needs of the company.

The key, of course, is to hire the right people. But, how to do that? Start by going in the right direction with reading this post, where we will establish the importance and the relationship of the time to hire versus the quality of hiring and how to qualify your selection process from that.

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The time to hire versus the quality of hiring

O time to hire versus the quality of hiring it is a constant concern for recruiters, who are pressured to do both.

I.e: get new employees quickly, ensuring they are the right people for their respective positions. Achieving this balance is essential.

For this, we have put together some ideas that can serve as guidance for you to apply internally and thus qualify your process of recruiting and selecting employees. Look at that!

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Performance management

When pondering this issue, many people's eyes go straight to the word “quality”. And this is the great relationship between time to hire versus the quality of hiring.

This is because quality has to be intrinsic in both issues: in the selection process and in decision making.

And even after dividing the two definitions, if the quality of new hires seems difficult to measure, it is probably because you are trying to take the subjectivity out of the calculation.

Take, in turn, the performance management. There is a lot of subjectivity in the process and, even so, we have criteria that contribute to a more accurate and assertive.

Therefore, you can manage these metrics and also qualify the time to hire versus the quality of hiring. Of course, expectations may be different, but the process must be the same.

Performance evaluations

Similar to the previous one, but here we are talking about accompaniment of its hired professionals.

And you know how important this is in the relationship between the time to hire versus the quality of hiring? The answers are fundamental to understand the assertiveness selection process.

Over time, you can diagnose which hires did not match the desired profile, as well as the skills, behaviors and skills that were lacking in previous processes.

This helps you understand the dynamics of the ideal selection process for your organization. And consequently, make it more productive and efficient the next few times.

Internal growth

Many companies forget that the internal development of their human resources is a great ally for balance the time to hire versus the quality of hiring.

After all, the promotion becomes an immediate effect on the satisfaction and motivation of the professional, as it streamlines the selection process for the company.

To this end, it is advisable to increase investment in this area, in order to polish employees so that they assume more responsible positions in the company, and are prepared for it.

Tracking metrics

In addition to the assessments mentioned above, it is important that you monitor the performance of professionals periodically.

For example: month by month, based on management software that facilitates the visualization of the time it took to carry out an activity. In addition, the engagement and motivation of the individual can be observed.

Thus, we gain in subjective terms, it is true, but they allow us to observe how much the company's culture is in accordance with the profile of employees.

For the selection process, this means that you may be running a business in the wrong way – that is: distant from your own institutional pillars – or that new hires are far from that fine line, acting more on their own.

Pertinent questions in the interviews

Here is a good tip to balance the time to hire versus the quality of hiring: improve the questions asked in the interviews.

This can help to reduce the company's turnover, as well as ensure that the desired profile is within the scope of candidates for a vacancy in the company.

And no simple questions, such as: “From 1 to 5, how much do you consider yourself a leader?”

The idea, here, is in know the person. Talk, understand and evaluate, later, how she would react in each type of situation. For this reason, dynamics contribute to an interesting assessment of the profile of professionals under pressure or in groups.

Talent Bank

Companies that value the time to hire versus the quality of hiring they have a talent bank constantly updated.

I.e: they do not expect it to open a vacancy, internally, to analyze the resumes sent. On the contrary: the bank is updated frequently, with an initial filtering of files that are more in line with the company's culture and needs.

With this, faced with an open opportunity, a good part of the process has already been directed towards a quick and effective resolution.

Retaining talent

Finally, it is essential that, internally, your company is able to constantly measure and improve the level of employee satisfaction.

The power of talent retention is a determining factor for the time to hire versus the quality of hiring always be smaller, in the first instance, and better in the second question.

After all, motivation will remain high for everyone who knows that it is possible to grow in your organization, as well as the dedication and engagement in activities.

The time to qualify the selection process

And then, you could see the importance of time to hire versus the quality of hiring and, especially, how to achieve a balance between both priorities?

We hope that these tips can help in your internal processes, but be sure to comment, below, on the challenges you encounter most to maintain the time to hire versus the quality of hiring in perfect balance!



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