Tips for hiring employees: 6 actions to optimize the selection process

Tips for hiring employees: 6 actions to optimize the selection process

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The steps of recruitment and selection they are decisive for the formation of an efficient, harmonious team committed to values ​​and committed to the company's global results. To find employees interested in following these premises, some tips for hiring employees can be precious.

Human Resources professionals must take special care when preparing the processes related to the hiring of employees, paying attention to each step – from the job description to the experience period.

Today, we have separated for you some tips for hiring employees, which the HR team must take into account to reduce the failures in this process, optimizing the hiring of employees and building a successful team.

Keep following the tips for recruiting and selecting people and learn more.

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Tips for hiring employees and making the right choice!

1. Draw the profile of the ideal employee

The first step that the Human Resources team must take to optimize hiring of employees in the company is to make an analysis of the behavioral profile of the ideal employee.

For this, some factors must be taken into account, such as:

The ideal is for HR professionals to meet with the leaders of each team to, together, outline what are the hard and soft skills needed for that hiring.

An interesting tips for hiring employees is to draw a kind of persona. Just like in the marketing universe, create a semi-fictional character that brings together the characteristics of the ideal employee not only helps the HR sector when selecting candidates, but also helps to create campaigns that attract the right talents for the company.

2. Fancy in the job description

The recruitment and selection process begins long before the first curriculum arrives. With the profile of the ideal employee in hand, the next decisive step for optimized hiring is to learn how to write a job description to be completed.

It is important to list all skills, both technical and interpersonal, necessary to fill the vacancy, in addition to Skills desirable that can be differential.

It is also necessary to make clear what are the functions that the professional will perform on a daily basis, in addition to the main challenges of the position in question.

For the description to become attractive, remember to also describe:

  • the main advantages of working in the company;
  • the professional attractions;
  • the best employee benefits;
  • possibilities for growth and learning;
  • differentials;
  • remuneration.

You channels for publicizing the vacancy they are also decisive in this stage. In this sector, a tip for hiring employees is to look for the right platforms – such as sites that specialize in recruitment, advertisements on social networks, etc. -, taking into account the professional profile you want to attract.

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3. Make a thorough analysis of the curricula

After the vacancy is announced, the next step is to screening of curricula that will reach the hands of the HR team. Many of them will be automatically eliminated for not meeting the basic criteria requested in the job description.

However, it is necessary to have a high level of care in analyzing the curricula of professionals who, at first, fulfill all the necessary requirements to work in the company. The first is to seek the proof of knowledge attested in the curriculum.

In this situation, HR should contact the professional and ask for possible proofs, such as course certifications and diplomas. Another very relevant detail for some positions is the request from the professional's portfolio of previous work.

Nowadays, some companies also include LinkedIn profile analysis in the curriculum evaluation stage. The social network is very valid to check the professional connections of the possible employee and find out what their posture is on the web.

4. Design a structured interview

The face-to-face interview stage is one of the most important in the process of hiring employees. It is at this point that HR will be able to evaluate behavioral details subtle, but that make all the difference, such as:

  • posture;
  • body language;
  • level of extraversion, etc.

However, when done very freely, face-to-face interviews can be unproductive and lead to errors when hiring. The best option is to bet on a structured interview model.

Structured interviews are valuable tools to save time during the recruitment and selection process, optimizing the hiring of employees. When preparing an interview script, with fixed questions, the interviewer ensures that all essential points will be addressed during the conversation.

Here is a tip for hiring employees, extra: remember that the structured interview does not have to be something robotic. It is important that there is space for the conversation to flow spontaneously and that both the interviewer and the interviewee feel comfortable.

5. Test specific knowledge

Another important step in the process of recruiting and selecting professionals is the test of specific technical knowledge to fill vacancies.

This tip for hiring an employee is especially relevant, after all, it concerns the role that the employee will perform in all their work days.

This type of evaluation will depend on the position to be filled and the team in which the employee will act. Therefore, this step must be elaborated and evaluated in together with experts in the field in question.

The Human Resources team should talk to the leader responsible for the sector in which the contract will be made. Together, they can create a evaluative method that is appropriate to the activities that the prospective employee will carry out on a daily basis, measuring the level of knowledge in the area.

6. Assess interpersonal skills

In addition to Technical abilities, a crucial step towards making a good hiring of employees is the assessment of candidates' interpersonal skills.

It cannot be denied that, because they are subjective, this type of characteristic is more difficult to evaluate and measure. However, there are some techniques and tools that help the HR team to better understand the personality of the candidates.

Group dynamics are good options, which allow HR to evaluate candidates' interaction with other people, in addition to having a sense of how they would behave in situations similar to the company's daily routine.

Another very useful tool is the behavioral tests. Through methodologies based on principles of psychology, these tests allow the evaluator to discover some behavioral characteristics of the candidates through answers to certain questions.

It's time to optimize the hiring of employees!

Getting the hiring of employees right requires a lot of attention and dedication from the human resources team. The recruitment and selection process involves numerous steps and does not end with the choice of a collaborator, so it is important to follow all these tips for hiring employees.

Stay tuned to employee behavior and performance during the trial period it is also a way of making the selection process more assertive and reducing employee turnover.

Do you know any other tips for recruiting and selecting people, that can optimize the hiring of employees, and that have been left out of our list? Share with us here in the comments!

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